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Garment Technical X-bionic Invent Shirt Junior Grey


Garment Technical X-bionic Invent Shirt Junior Grey

64,90 €tax incl.

Sub-technical garment for children SHIRT LONG SLEEVES INVENT FROST GREY/WHITE brand X-BIONIC.

The intelligent garment that keeps warmth in order to fight efficiently against the cold.

Ref: L100304
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Temperature regulator, the underwear SHIRT LONG SLEEVES INVENT FROST GREY/WHITE of the brand X-BIONIC will accompany the young athletes in all their escapades. Protecting areas sensitive to the cold, this t-shirt provides heat and insulation in any circumstance. With the system MACROSPHERE®, this t-shirt refreshes without you cool and warm when you're cold, either on the slopes or on the lift. This technical garment thermorégule the temperature of the body to ensure absolute comfort to cope with extreme winter conditions.

Product features :

- AirConditioning Channel® - insulated "zero" : physiological studies have shown that the area of the chest, for example, is optimal to ensure efficient aeration and rapid. The areas of isolation zero will work as fans in the AirConditioning Channel®

- ISO-Pad® : in the winter, or when it is cold, isolation, targeted according to the needs of the body helps protect the body from the cold. It is in this sense that the ISO-Pad® retains body heat, which is necessary to ensure the functions of internal organs, very susceptible to the cold.

- ExpansionRibs™ : the structure of the ExpansionRibs™ prevents the cold does not penetrate to the level of the elbows. Not even a case of bending the material, the insulating effect is maintained through warm air trapped in the structure. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs™ and the elasticity of the wire to provide maximum freedom of movement

- MACROSPHERE™ SYSTEM ON THE CHEST AND on THE BACK : the system MacroSphere™ large on the area of the torso refreshes without the risk of cooling. Cools when you sweat and warms when you're cold

- Micro-diffuser on the wrist : of the channels in at the wrist ensures a perfect comfort and allows them to escape the hot and humid air

- SweatTraps® : captures the sweat before you feel it. The sweat is captured to be evaporated using the dynamics of heat. A thin film of perspiration, and not perceptible, is retained to refresh the skin

- STRUCTURE WALLABY : provides a cooling effective. With a surface multiplied by four, the evaporative cooling is very effective to the wrist. The blood that circulates in the veins is cooled before return to the body

- PROPRIO-PADDING : proprioceptors are sensory cells found in the joints and muscles. They control the positions and movements of our body parts in space. The slight pressure exerted at these locations by the structures ribbed improves the speed of the reaction neuromuscular, of the muscles stabilizing. It is actively strengthening the balance and stability of the whole body

- VEINS constant basis adjusted : the fine structures are ribbed to ensure a perfect outfit of under-clothing. The structure and material allow the shirt to be close to the body without tightening. This guarantees an optimum functionality of the climate zones and a perfect outfit



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Delivery scheduled the 2018-12-15

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Delivery scheduled the 2018-12-15

Technical specifications

Collection Winter 17/18
Gender Child

Recap of characteristics

Characteristics Garment Technical X-bionic Invent Shirt Junior Grey

Winter CollectionWinter 17/18

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