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X Socks Ultra Thin Black Socks Ski Socks

ULTRA THIN man of the mark X SOCKS BLACK SOCKS ski socks. 

For skiers wishing to combine performance, comfort and finesse. 

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In Stock

Product Description

X SOCKS is the reference in terms of technical underwear brand. Anxious to meet the highest requirements of its consumers, the brand continues to push the boundaries of its products. 

This expertise developed the ULTRA THIN SOCKS BLACK that largely can boast to be the cski trailer the finer the market acting like a second skin while protecting your feet in an optimal way and providing them with unparalleled assistance to muscle recovery.
This smoothness is due to its innovative design using 240 needles to a thickness that is unique in the world. 

X SOCKS socks are the other a real concentrate of technologies. Built around the air-conditioning Channel, the flow of air is permanent for maintenance of the foot dry in all conditions. 

Their light weight will give you sensations tenfold for maximum performance.

Product features: 

-Material: 50% 36% 9% elastane 5% nylon wool Nylon

-Technical composition: 45% nylon 36% wool 9% elastane 5% silk 5% Robur

-Channel air-conditioning: ventilation system for continuous air circulation and temperature around the foot control;


  • Chronopost - Livraison express 24h en point relais

    Delivery scheduled the 06/21/2019

  • DPD Predict sur rendez-vous

    Delivery scheduled between the 06/24/2019 and 06/26/2019

  • Chronopost - Livraison express en 24h à domicile avant 13h

    Delivery scheduled the 06/21/2019

Technical specifications

  • Collection Winter 18/19
  • Gender Mixte
  • Year 2019

The Brand

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