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Bib Shorts X-bionic Effektor Running Power Pants Blue


Bib shorts X-bionic Effektor Running Power Pants Blk

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Opt for a bib shorts high-tech to improve your performance.

Ref: O020605-B116


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The bib shorts EFFEKTOR RUNNING POWER PANTS WOMEN for women is a sticky high-tech in order to improve your performance whether you are a specialist, marathon runner, or runner. This bib shorts X-BIONIC is equipped with the technology, Partial Kompression® on the leg which has the particularity to exert a pressure targeted on the muscles, alternating with ideal cooling. TheEFFEKTOR RUNNING POWER PANTS WOMEN uses the same technology used by fighter pilots, which avoids the loss of knowledge, ensuring that the compression is different according to the needs of legs. The EFFEKTOR RUNNING POWER PANTS WOMEN exerts a pressure on the bottom of the legs on the top to promote venous return.

The bib shorts X-BIONIC it is 10% stamina, 7% production of lactate and a more rapid recovery of 20% and 2.4 heart beats less per minute. But also 50% of heat less to allow the blood to flow freely and sweat to evaporate effectively.

Product features :

- Neuro-Response-Bandage : exerts a pressure focused on the insertions of the muscles in order to stimulate the receptor and enhance the muscle work.

- 3D system-BionicSphere : guarantees effective ventilation so that sweat can be quickly discharged to the exterior, in the absence of transpiration, the air pockets insulating protect them from the cold. The sweat is as a source of power in you avoiding the feeling of being wet in the back, overheating or risking to cool down excessively during the phase of rest and recovery.

- Cohesion-Wrap-Technology : Its structure Vicarious Connective Tissue supports and stabilises areas of the female body where the connective tissue is present. To reduce the muscle vibration in the tissues. The risk of capito and the formation of cellulite in the areas where the tissue is connective is relatively thin is reduced.

- Technology, Partial Kompression® : the Material is compressive, it exploits the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling.

The 37° CCR-Technology™: Acts to maintain the human body at 37°C to increase the available energy you need to be as efficient as possible.

- Material : 73% Polyamide, 19% Polypropylene, 8% Elastane

- Cycling shorts short legs

- Cut close to the body

- Length below the knees


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Technical specifications

Collection Summer 2017
Gender Woman

Recap of characteristics

Characteristics Bib Shorts X-bionic Effektor Running Power Pants Blue

Summer CollectionSummer 2017

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