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Pack Snowboard K2 Girls Grom Package 110 Cm

Pack snowboard + fix + boots child GIRLS GROM PACKAGE 110 CM of the mark K2.

A board that is perfect to begin with !


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Product Description

The pack snowboard K2 GIRLS GROM PACKAGE 110 CM for children is made up of the board, the fastening and the boots MINI TURBO. It is perfect to learn the basics of snowboarding and progress.

The board MINI TURBO is perfect for taking his first steps on the slopes. With it, he will make his first turns, and discover the thrill of gliding. He will trust gradually to revel in all the slopes, thanks to its ease in terms of handling, and tolerance. In effect, the board will forgive almost all mistakes ! Good, of course, he will have to fall to learn, but good it will help keep the balance to the maximum !

Outputs hassle-free to make the most of the days with mom and dad, it is now possible with the MINI TURBO. For him, the snow will quickly become a game and it will not want to go so it will explode.

Side mounting, the MINI TURBO is very easy to use and is a model in terms of comfort. With his spoiler is flexible, it is very nice to ride and your child will be very happy to fit and remove as the great ! And yes your child grows up, he will have less and less need of you !

His boots MINI TURBO provides a good foothold and exceptional comfort. It will be almost like being in slippers. In addition to being powerful, it is equipped with a BOA lacing system. As well, a small turn of the wheel, the boots will be tight, there is nothing more simple. Technology features Grows-a-Long, it is also a true investment in the long term. In effect, you can remove the insole to gain a shoe size, and why not one or two seasons by the way ! ;)

A pack a very nice rider with colors nice, your little guy will be thrilled !

Product features :


- Level : beginner - intermediate

- Program : Versatile

- Flex : Flexible (1)

- Shape : Twin

- Radius : 5.0 m

- Coast lines : 22.22 / 21.70 / 25.22 cm

- Magnitude of the stance (distance between the 2 feet) : 13 cm

- Profile : K2 Catch Free Rocker, rocker on the ends and a camber flat between the feet.

- Durable extruded

- Flex : twin

- Construction : wood Core aspen, fiberglass Biaxial™

- Inserts 4x4

- Fixations : S


  • Chronopost - Livraison express en 24h à domicile avant 13h

    Delivery scheduled the 11/15/2019

  • DPD Predict sur rendez-vous

    Delivery scheduled between the 11/15/2019 and 11/19/2019

Technical specifications

  • Collection Winter 17/18
  • Gender Child
  • Level Rookie
  • Program All Mountain
  • Year 2018
  • Snow Board oui
  • Service Free Mounting

The K2 brand

The american brand K2 has participated in the revolution of the sports market of the winter. Ski, snowboard, ski boots or ski helmet, K2 equips you with the technical products to make you live a unique experience of gliding throughout the season\'s winter. Recognized for its innovation and its passion for the outdoor brand K2 optimizes the contact with your favorite playground.