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Toko Textile Proof 500ml Eco Care

Care ECO TEXTILE PROOF 500 ML of the TOKO brand.

Waterproof ski outfits to stay dry all winter!


In Stock


In Stock

Product Description

With the care ECO TEXTILE PROOF 500 ML of at TOKO You can waterproof your outfits to ski in an ecological way. It is specially designed to meet the breathability of modern membranes and will allow you to maintain your technical clothing. In addition to last longer, your clothes will keep you dry. Its effectiveness is due to the use of the latest technological developments.

Characteristics of the product :

-Ecological textile waterproofing

-Ideal for fabric breathable

-Quantity 500 ml

-Waterproof clothing

-Sprayer pump ecolgique are propellant

-Contains no fluorocarbons


Technical specifications

  • Collection Winter 16/17

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JEROME A. Le 12/01/2018


The TOKO brand

One hundred years of existence in the fart and the maintenance of the textile. TOKO is a swiss company traditional founded in 1916, which is a real reference on the market in a perpetual quest for quality, performance and innovation. What better way that to maintain its ski equipment with accessories of high quality for excellent gliding all season ? Bet on the waterproofing of your clothing techniques to be increase and be dry all winter !