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Reference TAA1000N

Stone Diamond Swix Extra-fine 100mm


Ideal for polishing and smoothing your once-sharp edges.


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In Stock

Product Description

The 100MM EXTRA-FINE DIAMOND STONE of at SWIX is extremely precise. It is used in finishing after the passage of the lime to finish sharpening with finesse and smoothly with its grain of 1000. It is used to remove the wire that the file or the machine leaves on the squares.

Characteristics of the product :

-Pierre extra-fine diamond

-1000 grain 

-Length of 100mm

-To hone and Polish the squares

-Finishing extremely accurate

-Wet the stone before use

-Suitable for speed skis

Technical specifications

The SWIX brand

Founded in 1946, the brand SWIX was created by a passionate ski. Fart, machine, hone, lime, products SWIX allow you to maintenance your skis as a professional, wherever you are. Today, the brand Norwegian is recognized in the ski industry for its innovation and perseverance in order to propose tools that are ever more technological and efficient.