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Sharpener Vola Racing Sharp

Sharpening stone RACING SHARP brand VOLA RACING

Sharpen your skis like a professional and make sure that the podium !


In Stock


In Stock

Product Description

With thesharpening stone RACING SHARP brand VOLA RACING you will be able to sharpen your skis safely and very quickly.

It allows you to sharpen the edges (the side of singing a song and sole) with a precision of one degree of 86° to 89°, thanks to its adjustment system. It will fall the song of 0.5° to 1°.

You simply place your ski on edge, to position the sharpener on your edge and pull it toward you, spreading the pressure throughout your movement. This sharpener is designed to fit perfectly the palm of your hand and to provide you with an excellent grip.

Plus you'll get an angle of the edge, the higher your shot angle during your turns will be easier.

Product features :

- Suitable for angles 86°/87°/88°/89°

- Two positions of limes (song/textile)

- Lime mid-lasts 75 X 25 mm supplied

Technical specifications

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Jean-Philippe B. Le 03/03/2017

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Maintain your equipment for alpine, nordic and snowboarding for the benefit of a good glide all the'winter. L'interview, the waxing and sharpening are d'as much more easily with quality material ! The equipment's maintenance of ski, VOLA RACING will allow you to make your skis like the professionals ! You're bound to find a suitable tool for the preparation of your ski equipment.