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You want to renew your equipment for skiing or snowboarding, but in the middle of all the models that offer you the brands, you are a little lost ? No problem, through its various guides, Precision Ski will help you make the right choice ! The right material, what is it ? Buy good equipment, this is not necessarily opt for the most technical products or the latest collections. Have a good ski equipment, is to have an equipment adapted to your needs. When you choose your stuff, this should meet your specifications. Depending on your sex or your age, the manufacturers have designed equipment that is suited to your different morphologies. Other factors also enter into account : your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert), your practice (piste, freeride, freestyle, hiking, etc.), your size, your weight and your preferences. Precision Ski will guide you in choosing your winter sports equipment ! In order to turn you to the equipment best suited to your criteria, Precision Ski helps you through its different guides. Whether ski or snowboard, follow the advice of our experts to choose THE ironing snowboard or pair of skis that will offer you a maximum of pleasure in your discipline, preferred. In the mountains, the choice of clothing and accessories of security has also a crucial importance. We will deliver to you all of our secrets to spend the best vacation possible in the ski resorts, with adequate equipment !