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Waxing your snowboard : our advices

If you feel that your snowboard is not performing as well as it did at the beginning, you may need to go through the "waxing" box. A rigorous and regular snowboard maintenance is very important to keep your equipment in good condition. Without it, it is impossible to fully enjoy the joys of snowboarding. The trick is to know how to do it.

Snowboard waxing: what is waxing?

Waxing your snowboard is like coating the underside of your board with wax. This task has two objectives: to protect his snowboard and to preserve a quality of glide. It is recommended to go through the "waxing" stage after about ten uses. Snowboarders also take the time to wax their board at the end of the season to avoid possible damages linked to the storage place of their board. This snowboard maintenance takes, on average, one hour in total.

Snowboard waxing: how to wax your snowboard?

Waxing your board is not complicated. You just need to know the technique and be equipped with the necessary equipment. Start by stripping your snowboard of its bindings. Make sure you have a waxing table on which to place your board. Carefully clean your snowboard with a cloth and a special board cleaner.

Take your wax in your hand and rub it against your waxing iron. Spread the melted wax on your board. Iron your snowboard in the same way you would iron a piece of clothing to distribute the wax on the soleplate (the back of your board). Then let the wax cool for about 30 minutes. Finally, remove the excess wax with a squeegee then brush your snowboard. Your board may also need to be sharpened. The process is the same as for a ski sharpening.

Snowboard waxing: fill up your tools with Précision Ski

Whether you need a waxing table, snowboard brushes, a waxing iron or any other tool related to ski or snowboard sharpening, know that Précision Ski, your expert in snow sports equipment, has everything you need to maintain your equipment.