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Waxing a Snowboard : our Advice

If you feel that your snowboard is not as powerful, in its early stages, it may be that you need to pass through the box " waxing ". A maintenance snowboard rigorous and regular is very important to keep its equipment in good condition. Without him, impossible to fully enjoy the joys of gliding. The trick is to know how to get there.

Waxing a snowboard : what is waxing ?

Waxing a snowboard is back to coat the underside of his board with a wax (the wax). This task has two objectives : to protect his snowboard, and maintain the quality of gliding. It is recommended to spend-by-step "waxing" after a dozen uses. Snowboarders also take the time to wax their board at the end of the season to avoid possible damage related to the place of storage to their board. This interview snowboard takes, on average, one hour in total.

Waxing a snowboard : how to wax a snowboard ?

Waxing his board has nothing complicated about it. It is sufficient to know the technique and be equipped with the necessary equipment.

Start by stripping your snowboard bindings. Please bring with you a table of wax on which to build your board. Thoroughly clean your snowboard with a soft cloth and a special cleaner for ironing. Take your wax and rub it against your iron for waxing. Spread the melted wax on your board. Switch back to your snow the same way that a piece of clothing to spread the wax on the sole (the back of your board). Then let the wax cool for a good thirty minutes. Finally, remove the wax excess with a squeegee and brush your snow.

It may also be that your board may need to be sharpened. The process is the same as for a sharpening ski.

Waxing a snowboard : get plenty of tools with Precision Ski

Whether you need a table of wax, brushes for snowboarding, a waxing iron or any other tool in connection with a sharpening ski or snow, be aware that Precision Ski, your expert in equipment for snow sports, has everything you may need to maintain your equipment.