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Bootfiting at Precisionski

You can buy boots in most shops, but how many know how to customize it? A good customization is the most important thing to improve your performance and your comfort. Each foot is unique and every brand of shoes produces shoes of different volumes. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a store with staff that knows the anatomy of the foot! Find out why many ski instructors, mountain guides and employees of the resort choose Precisionski to meet their needs.

Our space of customization is based on an optimal service. At Precisionski specialists the British and the French work for us over the seasons and are highly trained and listening to you to help and advise you. We'll guide you through the process of adjustment and we look after you from the beginning to the end of your bootfiting.

We have a wide selection of ski boots for all levels of skiers and we are also happy to solve all the problems. Thanks to the excellent reputation we have at the level of the Bootfiting, we recommend that you contact us as soon as you arrive at the station or send us your contact details and a technician will contact you to make an appointment for you.


We offer the Bootfiting in 4 group Stores Precisionski :

  • Precisionski Arc 1950
  • Precisionski The Squaw Valley Val d'isère
  • Precision Méribel to Méribel Centre
  • Precisionski Tignes Val Claret



At Precisionski we spend 50% of our time to customize the shoes of customers who have purchased elsewhere. Although there are good professionals in your region, we recommend the purchase on the spot because the ski boots must be tried on the track and not at home two days before you go! You have the opportunity to ski with your shoes and return to the shop if something needs to be changed. (free service)


To achieve the best transmission between your ski boots and your skis, your choice of socks is very important. The technical socks are modern, moisture-wicking and must be well adjusted and trained to avoid cold feet and blisters. Most of the shoes we sell at Precisionski have slippers, thermo-formable, which adapts to the shape of your feet, give you better performance ski.
For the customization of the final shoes of good skiers, who spend most of their time on the slopes, we also sell soles. Has every pair of shoes sold we recommend that you buy a durable custom. Each foot is unique, therefore, we mold each sole before inserting in the shoe. This will give more support under your feet, improve comfort and avoid pressure points, cramps and fatigue.

Very soon in our spaces Bootfiting in Savoie at Precisionski Meribel, Tignes, Val d'isère and Arc 1950.