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Fashion Superdry

Adopted by all generations, the casual american has been revisited by the brand Superdry, which offers today a whole range of clothing treated and trends. Providing graphic touches and vintage Superdry dresses as a man and woman, and surf on the wave of urban since 2003.

Superdry : the mark british japanese

After a trip to Japan, two English fashion enthusiasts decide to integrate the universe of urban japanese in their creations. Modern and dynamic, Superdry seduced by its fusion of stylistic and creative freedom, but also from the side sportswear brought the casual. The dress hoodies jackets and jeans, the brand cares for the smallest detail and brings a fresh wind on the market of the casual.

Sweats, sweaters, t-shirts : the flagship models of the brand

The vintage american ally of the british style is now known around the world. The cuts, quality materials, printed matter, combined with influences from japan, Superdry surprised by his eclectic range and in the ranks of the leading models. The jacket Windtrekker or the Puffer has been able to appeal to good number of city-dwellers ; the technicality of a jacket that is windproof, waterproof and lined with fleece, you can withstand all the natural elements with elegance. The hoody Vintage Logo blend comfort and practicality with its loose cut, convenient for sports and its logo manuscript that makes us travel to Asia. The t-shirt Trackster and the full range of Track & Field is a nod to the football teams and baseball america, its retro sportswear is worn very easily and perfectly complements any outfit urban. Elegant, neat and stylish, these are the master-words of the collection, Superdry, combining vintage and sportswear.

Superdry : a brand that plays on all fronts

In winter as in summer, the English brand influence japanese-american innovates and is involved in the creation of clothing that is both stylish and technical. The ski jacket Superdry pants ski through the sub-technical clothing, the technology of Superdry accompany you in your escapades snow protecting you from the cold and offering you an optimal comfort during the winter with for example the ski jacket Ultimate Snow Service and snow skirt protecting you during your descents in the powder. For the summer period, Superdry takes you into the universe of intoxicating palm trees and fine sand with a collection of flip-flops Scuba Flip Flop, light and colorful, adorn your feet in the city as at the beach. The brand also puts your figure in value through his shorts International and Hot shorts, and leave you free to your movements to spend a summer comfort.