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Mounting your ski bindings

Let us take care of your skis

At Precisionski, the mounting of your bindings is performed by a technician professional from our premises or we have an assembly workshop.

Our experts in the mounting are able to get yourself any pair of fixation. This is for a pack skiing hiking, Super G, DH, Freeride, All Mountain, anything is possible at Precisionski.

For the mounting of fastening of hiking, we can suggest you to go directly to our store Mountain Tribe in Bourg Saint Maurice, a specialist in cross-country skiing. We are also capable to retrieve your skis at home for a replacement bracket, or even a repair service in our workshops.

Montage et réglage des Fixations de ski

During your purchase you can choose to purchase skis with bindings, no bindings or skis naked then a pair of the mounting part. You choose whether or not you want the mounting fasteners.

The installation of the fasteners is offered for all purchases of skis on our web site.

For a suitable mounting please contact us with the hull length in mm of your ski boot (ex: 302mm). All of these questions you will be asked during your purchase. A window will open to collect all the information necessary for the assembling. Then, our technicians will be able to easily proceed to the adjusting mounting ski.

Be careful not to communicate bad numbers because the drilling and mounting of ski bindings become a custom product that can neither be exchanged nor refunded in case of error on your part.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, a technical adviser will advise you.