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Helmet Picture Organic

Who says sport of gliding, said inevitably " falls ". Thus, the helmet Picture Organic is a must to ensure her safety on the ski slopes. Robust, comfortable and practical, this protection has all the technical features to appeal to surfers and skiers with the most picky.

Helmet Picture Organic : the protection state-of-the-art technology !

Picture Organic is a French brand that offers a wide range of facilities for winter sports. She was also one of the brands that innovate the highest level of the sport equipment for skiing and snowboarding. It is probably for this reason that the young brand has managed to captivate many fans of the snow and sliding sports.

Helmet ski Picture Organic : mixing aesthetics and ergonomics

Skiers do not need the helmet for protection an optional accessory. Falls can have serious consequences on the health of the individual. Thus, choose a ski helmet is a wise decision to ensure your safety or the safety of your children. And it is strongly recommended to opt for a quality helmet. A helmet of protection worthy of the name must be able to distribute the energy caused by the shocks evenly while minimizing to the maximum. This is the case of helmets Picture Organic which, thanks to the technology of Composite Fusion, minorent the magnitude of the shock-absorbing power. The connection between the foam and the hull is another aspect on which the manufacturer has long worked to successfully develop a helmet at any event. Finally, a ventilation system has also been added to the accessory to ensure the wearer a comfortable fit. Finished the problems of discomfort due to the sweating !

Helmet Picture Organic : all of your products at Precision Ski

Provide hard hats of high quality for all is a priority for Precision Skiing. It is for this reason that our protections Picture Organic are available in many forms and models. You will be able to find a helmet Picture Organic modern and suited to your budget and which you like.