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Helmet Salomon

Impossible to ride on skis or snowboard without a protective helmet. This snow sports accessory is essential to avoid serious injuries in case of a fall. So why not opt for a helmet? Salomon ? Robust and of high quality, the brand's products are renowned for their attributes and resistance.

Helmets Salomon top-of-the-range protection for everyone

Whatever the level of the sportsman, it is fundamental to be equipped with a high quality helmet. Comfort and aesthetics are also elements to be taken into account to enjoy every moment of your stay in the snow. Don't take any risks by using a mid-range snowboard protection. Opting for a helmet is to ensure your safety. The risks of head injuries are greatly reduced thanks to this accessory. Parents know it better than anyone: nothing scares the youngest! That's why they are more prone to falls and other accidents that can quickly spoil a holiday. Adults, on the other hand, need to be reassured to let their toddlers have fun in complete peace of mind. Getting a ski helmet Salomon allows the little ones to enjoy all the joys of skiing without worrying their parents.

A Helmet Salomon for optimum protection

Sporty and amateur skiers must also protect themselves properly. The level of protection must be high, whatever the experience of the user. Helmets Salomon for skiing or snowboarding allow experts to indulge in their favourite sport with complete peace of mind. But they are also suitable for amateurs, who will have all the leisure to learn the basics of the chosen activity without having to fear bad falls.

A wide range of protection Salomon at Precision Ski

Looking for snowboard or ski protection? Snow sports enthusiasts will quickly find what they are looking for on the Précision Ski online store. Color, style, aspect... For women, men, teenagers or kids, find the helmet that suits your taste and personality.