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Regulation game contest Win your pack LoveSummer by BENCH


The company's SR SPORTS

Registered with the RCS de Chambéry under the Number 807 774 708

Headquartered in Salins les Thermes (73600)

Organizes the 15/07/2015 to the 26/08/2015


A free game without obligation of purchase called : "Win your pack #LoveSummer by BENCH "


This game is available at the Internet address:

On any medium : 


All trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs reproduced on the site and on sites to which it provides access through hyperlinks are the exclusive property of their holders and are protected in this respect by the provisions of the Code of intellectual property.


Any unauthorized reproduction of these trademarks, logos and signs constitutes an infringement punishable by criminal sanctions.


All software used on the site and those to which it allows access, as well as texts, commentaries, illustrations or images reproduced on the website and on those to which it allows access, are subject to copyright, and their unauthorized reproduction constitutes an infringement punishable by criminal sanctions.


This regulation defines the legal rules for this game.



This Game is free and without obligation to purchase, is open to any adult person residing in Metropolitan France, including members of the staff of the organizing company, with the exception of those directly or indirectly related to the implementation of this game.


It will not be accepted only one entry per person (same first name, last name, date of birth, same address, e-mail).


The simple fact of participating in the Game implies the acceptance without reserve of this regulation by the Participant.



The contest will run from July 15, 2015, 10: 00, 26 August at 20: 00.


To participate you must be an account holder Facebook and connect on the website:


To participate from the website mentioned above, it is necessary to upload a photograph with the hashtag #LoveSummer.


The participation in the game therefore takes place exclusively by electronic means, on the Internet site, and it is individual.


Each participant must play in person and is therefore forbidden to use, directly or indirectly, any mode of interrogation or request automated of the site.


To validate his participation, the participant must complete the entire registration form indicating mandatory e-mail address and options, provide information to his country, his city, his zip code, and telephone number.


The participant certifies that the data entered in the registration form are accurate. Any false statement or misrepresentation and/or incomplete would automatically result in the exclusion of the participant.




The principle of this game-photo contest is to produce a photograph in a summery feel and post it on the game Facebook with the hashtag #LoveSummer.


It will not be possible to propose that only one photograph per person.


The photographs participants are subject to moderation before being publicly posted on the platform of the game, which will bring together as well, all the participating photos via Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest.


The photographs placed online will be subject to assessment of users through a voting system.


The voting will be done exclusively on the website


. The voters will therefore be required to have a personal account on Facebook.

The authors of the 10 photos that received the highest number of "like / likes" by the fans, during the period of the game will be submitted to the jury Precision SKI/BENCH and 2 photos will be as well declared winners by their originality and know-how : 1 photo from a participating female and 1 photo from a participant of a male.


Article 5. STAFFING

This contest has 2 prizes :


1er batch for an individual male : 1 sweat-shirt of a value of 26euros + 1 swimsuit with a value of 18€ + 1 t-shirt of a value of 12 EUROS + 1 shoulder bag to a value of 17 euros + 1 pair of flip-flops with a value of 8 euros . This prize will be sent to its winner by post.


1er batch for a participant female : 1 t-shirt of a value of 12 euros + 1 short shirt of a value of 14 € + 1 swimsuit with a value of 18 euros + 1 backpack worth of 22 euro + 1 pair of flip-flops to a value of 5 euros . This prize will be sent to its winner by post.


The winners will be personally notified within 3 days of the end of the game by e-mail addressed to the address indicated on their registration form. This e-mail will specify the procedures to be done to benefit the lot.

Any winner that does not make known its intention to receive the lot, and do tell not his postal address to the promoter within a period of one month from the sending of the message by the organizer, shall be deemed to have lost the benefit of his lot.

For the case where the e-mail sent by the organizer to notify a winner could not reach its recipient (incorrect e-mail address, change of e-mail, interruption of Internet access), the lot will also be deemed to be lost.

The prize will then be sent to its winner at the postal address it will be communicated to the organiser.

For the case where this package could not be delivered to the recipient (incomplete or incorrect address, address change, etc...), it will be deemed to be lost.

The lot is attributed by name to the winner and cannot be transferred to a third person, or brought back into the game.

In the event of a dispute, the entrant will be deemed to be the one who is the owner of the e-mail press release.

The prize should be accepted as such and shall not be the subject of an exchange or a cash consideration.

During the delivery of this batch, the organizer reserves the right to make all the necessary verifications in order to verify that the winner completed the conditions of participation contained in article 2. It may, in the framework of the e-mail mentioned above, to solicit the necessary supporting documents

For the case where it is found that the winner does not fulfil these conditions, he will lose the benefit of its lot without consideration.

In addition, the photos voted for will be put online on the website of the organizer and the winners ' names will be mentioned.

In the event that the Winner would not or could not, for whatever reason, benefit from all or part of the prize won, in the conditions described in this regulation, it will lose the full benefit of the said endowment, and may not claim any compensation or consideration. The endowment will not be the release of the Game.


In the case of force majeure or if circumstances so require, the Company's SR SPORTS reserves the right to substitute prizes with prizes of equal or greater value.


The organizing company shall not incur liability in respect of a delay in the shipment of winnings and prizes if this delay is not attributable to it, but the fact of the service provider which it uses to carry out this expedition. It does not incur any contractual or legal responsibility in respect of the transactions relating to the transportation of the prizes and the prizes.


Similarly, the organising company cannot be held responsible if the prize or gain is damaged because of transport operations. She declines any responsibility regarding the quality and/or the state of the batch to the delivery.




To be made online, photographs of participants will be creations that are strictly personal.


As such, they will not :

- To represent a person whose agreement has not previously been obtained,

- To represent the brands in the trade,

- Represent objects, furniture, or property protected by rights.


The photographs will be moderated by the organizer, a priori, to be avoided :

- The provocation of discrimination, hatred or violence because of origin or belonging to a racial or religious through the press or by any other means of publication,

- The provocation of non-public to discrimination, hatred or racial violence,

- Any form of defamation


In this respect, the participant is solely responsible for the photographs posted on the site and guarantee the organiser against any action or appeal which may be brought by any person for the infringement in his own image, to privacy or any other right that it may assert.

The organizer reserves the right not to publish photographs that, in contravention of the commitments mentioned above, is that it would find unacceptable, and although not falling under the purview of the law (concept of morality).

Will be considered as null and void the photographs do not enter the contest.

The fact of not putting them online cannot entail the responsibility of the organiser.

If the organizer finds any form of fraud during the vote, the photo or photos in question will be excluded from the game.



The winners authorize the company SR SPORTS to publish their name and photograph on its different media of communication (professional & general public), and waive any lawsuit related to this use.

They allow, by their participation, the use of their photography for the communication and promotion of the company SR SPORTS on all electronic or paper, without limit of duration.

They undertake to provide at the request of the organizer, the photo in the original format.

In all cases, this confers on them no right to remuneration, right or advantage whatsoever, other than the awarding of their prize.





The information provided by the participants will be able to be used in the context of a computer processing.


In all cases, it is recalled that according to the Law, the participants receive from the Organizer of the Game of a right of access and rectification of data concerning them.


Participants may request to not be included or be removed from the file at any time, they will have the right to access, rectify and remove data about them on request to the address of the game in accordance with the Law Informatiqueet Freedom of 06 January 1978, amended by Law n°2004-801 of 6 August 2004 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and decree no. 2005-1309 of 20 October 2005.


Therefore, in application of the Law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, you have rights of opposition (art 26 of that Law), access (art. 34 to 38 of the Act), rectification and deletion (art. 36 of the Law) data concerning you.


Thus, each participant can require that be rectified, completed, updated or erased the information concerning you which are inaccurate, incomplete, equivalent, ambiguous or outdated, by writing to the organizer of the game.


Article 9. REFUNDS

This game is free and without obligation to purchase, the reimbursement of connection fees will be done within two minutes of communication at the cost of a local communication, this rate is defined by France Telecom.


Only people using an account debited at the time of connection will be reimbursed.


The request must be made in written form to the following address : Company Ski Republic. Drive from Trier. 73700 Séez


The refund will be made provided that the participants clearly indicate their name, surname, full address, the game concerned, and a photocopy of the detailed invoice of the telephone, indicating the date and time of participation and the amount of communication.


- Participants do not pay expenses related to the volume of their communications (holders of a flat-rate subscription, cable or adsl users...) will not be able to get a refund.

- Participation in the game did not in this case affect the billing.


No refund of the connection will not be honoured if the conditions above are not met, and no request may be made by telephone.


Applications for the refund of the connection will be done within a period of 4 weeks from the receipt of the written request.


This reimbursement is limited to one per household (same name, same address).


The cost of the postage incurred in sending the claim will be reimbursed in kind in the form of a stamp of The Post Rate ECOPLI in force (0.55€).


The request must be made in written form to the following address : Company Ski Republic Route de Trèves 73 700 Séez, not omitting to specify its full details (name, surname, address, postal code, city).


No request for refund of stamp can be honoured if the conditions above are not met, and no request may be made by telephone.


Requests for refund of stamp will be honoured within a period of 4 weeks from the receipt of the written request.


The reimbursement of postage incurred in sending the claim is limited to one per household (same name, same address).



The participation in the Game over the Internet implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the technologies used by the Internet and the technologies related to it, in particular as regards technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring information, risks of interruption and more generally inherent risks of any connection and transmission , the absence of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation and the risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the network.


It is expressly reminded that the Internet is not a secure network.


The organizer points out that the use of hypertext links can lead the participant to other websites, independent of the organizing company. In this case, the organizing company will not assume responsibility for the activities of third party sites.


Unless previously agreed, no participant is allowed to create a hypertext link between the site and any other web site, except liability.


The Organizing Company cannot be held responsible for the malfunction of the site(s) and/or of the Game for a given browser.


The Organizing Company does not guarantee that the sites and/or the Game will operate without interruption or that it does not contain any computer errors, or that defects will be corrected. In the event of a technical malfunction of the Game,the Organizing Company reserves the right, if necessary, to invalidate and/or cancel the Game Session during which the said malfunction took place. No claim will be accepted because of this.


The Organizing Company cannot be held liable if the data relating to the registration of a participant does not reach it for some reason which she could not be held responsible (for example, a problem connecting to the Internet due to any reason with the user, a momentary failure of our servers for any reason, etc...), or they may arrive illegible or impossible to process (for example , if the user has a hardware or a software environment unsuitable for registration, etc...).


The Organizing Company cannot be held responsible for any deficiency in the tool of online dialogue. This tool does not determine the proper functioning of the Game and his disability is not likely to harm the participant in any way whatsoever.


Any information communicated by the winner, including contact information, will be considered void and will not be considered if it contains an inaccuracy.


The liability of the Organizer is limited to the maximum aggregate amount of or the lot(s) of the game.


The Organizing Company cannot be held liable for damage of any kind (personal, physical, material, financial, or otherwise) arising in connection with the participation of a participant in the game.


The responsibility of the Organizing Company shall not be incurred :

- If a participant was accidentally disconnected by the telephone operator or Internet service provider

- If a participant forgot to enter their contact information

- If a participant suffered a technical failure of some sort (bad state of the line, the handset).

- If a technical failure of the server telematics or telephone extension of the standard of the game prevented one participant from accessing the participation form

- In case of failure by EDF or incident of the server


As a result, the organizer of the game cannot in any circumstances be held liable, without this list being exhaustive :

- The content of services consulted on the Site and, in general, of any information and/or data disseminated on the services consulted on the Site

- The transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet

- Any malfunction of the Internet network preventing the smooth running /functioning of the Game.

- Failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines

- Loss of all electronic or paper and, more generally, the loss of any data

- Routing issues

- The functioning of any software

- Consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly, technical failure

- Any damage caused to a participant's computer

- From any technical, hardware or software of any kind, having prevented or limited the opportunity to participate in the Game or having damaged a participant's system.




It is specified that the organizer of the game cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an interruption, malfunction whatsoever, suspension or the end of the Game, and for any reason whatsoever or any direct or indirect damage resulting, somehow, from a connection to the Internet Site.


It is the responsibility of any participant to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software stored on their computer equipment against any attack.


The connection of any person to the Website and the participation of the participants in the Game are under their full responsibility.


The responsibility of the organizing Company shall not be liable if, for a case of force majeure or beyond its control, this Game had to be modified, shortened or cancelled.


It reserves in all cases the possibility of extending the period of participation.


Of additives, or, in the case of force majeure, changes to this regulation may possibly occur during the Game.


They will be regarded as annexes to this regulation and submitted to the Study as the depositary of this regulation.


It is agreed that the organizer of the game will take advantage, in particular for evidence of any act, fact or omission, programs, data, files, recordings, operations and other elements (such as monitoring reports or other reports) nature, or in any format or medium, computer or electronic, established, received or retained directly or indirectly by the organiser, in particular in its information systems , in connection with the use of its Internet Site.


The participants undertake not to contest the admissibility, validity or evidential value of the elements of nature or format or computer media or electronic above, on the basis of any statutory provision whatsoever and which specify that certain documents must be written or signed by the parties to constitute proof.


Thus, the elements considered constitute proof and, if produced as means of proof by the organiser of the game in any litigation or other procedure, they will be admissible, valid and opposable between the parties in the same manner, under the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document prepared, received or kept in writing.


Finally, it is expressly agreed that the Act is intended to apply French Law.


The Company Organisatricese reserve the right to exclude from participation in the present Game any person disturbing the progress of the Game.


The Company Organisatricese reserve the right to use any appeal and especially to prosecute anyone found to have cheated, defrauded, faked or disturbed the operations described in the present regulation, or would have attempted to do so.


Any participant in the Game that would be considered spoke Company Organisatricecomme have disturbed the Game in any of the ways mentioned above, will automatically be deprived of any right to obtain any prize winner, no claim will be accepted because of this.


The Company Organisatricese reserve the right, in particular in the case of compelling reasons, to shorten, extend or cancel this Game and/or Game Session, in part or in whole, if the circumstances so required. Its responsibility cannot be engaged because of this.


These changes will be, however, subject to prior information by all appropriate means, including via the website beyond Organizing Company.


The Company Organisatricese reserve the right to suspend temporarily the opportunity to participate in the competition if it, or any hosting provider can no longer ensure the continuity of service necessary for the conduct of the Game. The Organizer may in the event of force majeure, fortuitous event, or exceptional circumstances (fire, flood, natural disaster, intrusion, or malicious in the computer system, strike, calling into question the financial and technical part of the Game, rupture and blockage of telecommunication networks, damage caused by viruses, for which the means of security existing on the market do not allow their eradication , the legal or regulatory obligations or public order, as imposed by the competent authorities and that would substantially modify the present rules of the game, or any other event of force majeure or fortuitous event within the meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil Code) even from its own responsibility (subject if in good faith), stop all or any part of the Game.


This Game will be cancelled in case of force majeure, without the participants or winners being entitled to claim any compensation in this regard.




The participation in the competition implies full and whole acceptance of this Regulation.


It will not respond to any telephone or written request concerning the interpretation or application of this regulation, mechanisms or procedures of the Game. In case of dispute only be admissible, a mail in recommended with acknowledgement of receipt addressed at the latest within a period of one month (stamp of the postmark) after the end of the game.


This game and any dispute that may arise will be subject to French law.

In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of this regulation, and in case of failure of a conciliation procedure prior with the organizer, to the jurisdiction of the Court of ALBERTVILLE (73200) for all disputes.




This regulation can be obtained free of charge upon simple request made to the Company's SR SPORTS | WEB Service | ZI des Vignes Blanches | 73600 SALINS LES THERMES




In case of any disputes on the interpretation of the rules shall be settled by the organizing company. The participation in this Game implies acceptance without reservation (i) of the present regulation in all its terms, (ii) of the rules of conduct in force on the Internet (netiquette, good conduct charter, etc...) as well as (iii) laws and regulations in force on the French territory and in particular of the provisions applicable to games and lotteries in force. It will not respond to any telephone or written request concerning the interpretation or application of this regulation, mechanisms or procedures of the Game as well as on the list of winners. In case of dispute only be admissible, a mail in recommended with acknowledgement of receipt sent within a maximum period of 15 days after the date of the end of the Game. Except in cases of obvious errors, it is agreed that the information resulting from the Gaming systems of the organising company has probative force in any dispute pertaining to connection and computer processing of such information relating to the Game. Prior to any court action related to, or in connection with this regulation (in particular its application), the participants agree to form a use of amicable and graceful with the organizing company. Participants are subject to French regulations applicable to games and contests. Any dispute which cannot be settled amicably, shall be submitted to the competent courts to which the registered office of the company, unless otherwise provided by public policy.