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How to choose children's skis?

How to choose children's skis?

The winter season is the season of snow holidays and skiing. You certainly know which skis are best for you, but perhaps you are hesitant to choose children's skis for your offspring. The ideal junior ski model depends on your child's size, but also on his or her level and style of skiing. Let's discover together the criteria to be taken into account to know which size of junior ski to choose...

The general rules for choosing the right size of children's skis

The basic principle is to rely above all on your child's size to choose the right children's ski for him/her. The recommended size range for junior alpine skiing is between -15 cm and -5 cm in relation to your child's height: for example, if your son or daughter is 140 cm tall, you can choose the 125 cm - 135 cm range. This fork is to be appreciated according to your child's technique. If you choose a ski in the lower (shorter) range, it will be easier to use and will suit a child who is still careful on skis. If you choose a ski in the upper range (longer), you will have a ski more suited to a sporting practice.

Which size to choose according to the age of the child?

Between 3 and 6 years old, skiing is a simple initiation. The ski size for 3 year olds should not be too big, so as not to risk putting the young skier in difficulty. During this first learning phase, the size of the child's ski is relatively secondary, as it is only a learning aid.

From the age of seven, at the age of the first star, the young child can begin to master his or her skiing. It is important at this time to choose an optimal size, between -15 cm and -10 cm in relation to his height, in order to allow him to gain confidence and improve.

From the age of nine or ten, the child's level will become an important factor in the choice of skis. It is important to listen to the instructor on this subject, in order to know whether to stay with the same type of skis as at the beginning of his learning, simply taking into account his growth, or whether to start calculating a junior competition ski size, which is more demanding but allows for more performance, starting at -5 centimetres only in relation to the child's height.

From adolescence onwards, the selection criteria are the same as for an adult.

Which size should I choose according to my level? (Bear, Snowflake, 3rd star ...)

The choice of children's skis should be adapted according to their level. Junior skiing should be all the smaller as the young skier is a beginner! At the Ourson level, a height of -15 centimetres in relation to the child's height is a maximum. At Snowflake or First Star level, a height of -15 centimetres / -10 centimetres is optimal. At the Third Star level, the child should move to -5 centimetres to reach his or her full potential.

Which size to choose according to weight?

The child's weight can be used to determine the recommended size for children's skis. A frail and slender child will not be able to comfortably use a ski that is too big, and you should not hesitate to take a slightly shorter size than for a more rambunctious and muscular child. Furthermore, the choice of the type of ski itself will be influenced by weight: for a heavier child, it is recommended to use a stiffer ski.

Simple summary of recommended sizes

If you want to simply visualise the possible children's ski size, the easiest way is to directly compare the junior ski to your child standing upright.

Below 115 cm, the optimum range is from the height of the neck or chin to the height of the nose or forehead.

Between 115 cm and 135 cm, it goes from the neck or chin to the child's height.

Between 135 cm and 150 cm, the optimum range is from chin or nose height to the height of the child.

Finally, for an adolescent, it goes from -15 to -10 cm to the size of your offspring.

What size should I choose for competition skis?

The optimal size for a junior competition ski depends on the discipline practiced and not only on the child's physique. Before choosing a specific children's ski, it is best in this case to refer to the recommendations of the French Ski Federation and/or your son's coach: only an optimal choice of ski will allow him to be truly competitive, and he may have to make several tries before finding his ideal junior alpine ski size!

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