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How to choose the size of your freestyle skis?

How to choose the right size for your freestyle ski?

Freestyle skiing requires a pair of skis adapted to this discipline. Amateurs distinguish three types of skis according to their practice:

  • Versatile freestyle skis
  • Backcountry freestyle skis
  • Freestyle park skis

The length of the skis varies according to your freestyle skiing.

What is the right size for versatile freestyle skis?

These freestyle skis can be recognised by their widths of 80 and 95 mm and by their ability to glide in all directions. To achieve this manoeuvrability, they are fitted with a spatula at each end, hence their other name of twin-spatula ski. For easy tricks and pivoting, they are often equipped with a rocker on either side of the ski. This particular construction gives freestyle skiing its manoeuvrability while remaining versatile. You can put it on for skiing down a slope or having fun in a snowpark. The ideal size of a pair of versatile freestyle skis is your height minus ten centimetres.

Avoid taking skis measuring less than this length for freestyle. You will lose balance and stability, especially when landing.

What size of ski to choose for freestyle park

The ski model for freestyle park is always a twin-spatula ski. It is identified by its shape. It has a slightly narrower skate and may not have a rocker. This absence makes it possible to gain in grip length, especially when skiing on so-called "hard" snow, which is perfect for jumping into the pipe and daring those figures that make you dream.

This type of ski is more rigid and technical than the one recommended for versatile freestyle. Frestyle park skis are recommended for experienced skiers.

For freestyle park adepts, experts recommend :

  • To choose skis in your size for Park & Pipe. They provide much more stability during landings and you will avoid falling forwards or backwards.
  • To choose skis a little smaller than your height (just a few centimetres!) for urban freestyle or jibing. You will gain in speed and agility.

Which ski size to choose for backcountry freestyle skiing?

Freestyle skiing is undoubtedly the sport which requires the most to opt for a wide and particularly reactive ski for off-piste tricks. You won't be surprised if insiders recommend skis with a runner measuring more than 10 cm wide. This width is essential to be able to practice on powder snow and challenge the relief of a descent. These skis have a classic flat or inverted camber and very pronounced rockers. This is what makes it easier for you to get back to the surface when skiing powder. The shape of this ski will allow you to get out of the fresh snow without difficulty to come back to the surface.

The size of the backcountry ski must be larger than your waist. Count between 5 and 15 cm more to have an excellent lift. Now that you know all about the sizes of the different skis intended for freestyle skiing, you will be able to choose the right model and show everyone your agility!