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How to choose your ski mask

Our guide advice on ski masks

What are the most important criteria for choosing the right ski goggle? If looks count, quality and performance must be carefully considered. Here's a quick guide to help you find the right product.

The advantages of a suitable ski goggle

The weather conditions, sometimes extreme in the mountains, force you to choose the right accessories to enjoy your days to the fullest. More effective than simple ski goggles, the ski goggle is a piece of equipment that will protect your eyes from the cold, wind, humidity and intense luminosity due to the snow. It is an optimal protection against UV and glare, with an anti-fog treatment system.

As snow reflects more than 80% of UV rays, a goggle with a protection factor of 3 or 4 is essential in the mountains. For a well-equipped stay in altitude, systematically check the presence of the CE marking, a guarantee of quality and safety.

For those who wear glasses, there are ski goggles adapted to their eyesight, for increased comfort; however, all goggles are designed to fit over the glasses, without discomfort to the user. Check that the goggles do not slip under the goggle by shaking your head to ensure a good fit.