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Coats & Jackets Canada Goose

Since 1957, the brand Canada Goose team of the professionals in the great cold, such as explorers, mountaineers, high-level skiers in the most demanding... which makes Canada Goose the brand of choice is undoubtedly the performance of these products. A pioneer in the field of down jackets and waterproof ski jackets to the wind, rain and especially the cold, Canada Goose offers products of very high quality.

A vital element to your ski outfit, ski jacket is a garment that it should choose carefully. Beyond the comfort it gives you, the jacket of skiing is an essential accessory to keep you warm and protect you from assaults of weather such as snow, wind, rain...

But the ski jacket can also be a fashion accessory that completes your ski outfit. You go down the slopes with elegance and style, while remaining visible to other skiers.

To enjoy the pleasures of the mountain in the winter, it is therefore necessary to equip a jacket performance that is perfectly suited to your level of skiing, your style and your budget. This is why Precision Ski offers you a selection of down jackets Canada Goose cheap for men and for women.

Canada Goose : the mark of service excellence

The particularity of the brand Canada Goose is unquestionably the performance of her ski clothes, and the insulation that they offer. In fact, thanks to a high-end technology " Artic-Tech, the jackets Canada Goose guarantee a complete insulation. Of the zipper to the buttons, a seam to the other, every detail is meticulously inspected manually, which makes the brand an institution in the field of manufacturing of ski wear.

The down jackets and parkas Canada Goose are made up of premium quality materials. The hoods are made from real coyote fur, down, goose or duck guarantee the impermeability of the jackets, and the microfibers breakers to ensure the hydrophobicity of all products of the brand.

Our selection of ladies jackets Canada Goose for men and women

The historical model of the brand Canada Goose is the Snow Mantra. This jacket massive, bright red has been designed to meet the needs of the workers of the canadian Arctic. Weighing nearly 3 kg, and is resistant to temperatures of up to -70 °C, the first jacket Canada Goose Snow Mantra is composed of 247 parts. In every manteau Canada Goose, we found a little Snow Mantra.

The image of the expedition Parka, another flagship product of Canada Goose. With its large side pockets which facilitate the warming of the hands, this parka has been developed by scientists of the station McMudro in Antarctica. It is a parka ultra warm, made from goose down.

For the most recent models, can be found on Precision Ski on the famous Chilliwack Bomber. Jacket Chilliwack is inspired by the jackets of the airline pilots of the time. His short cut offers warmth and mobility that these pilots needed to face the cold. Always appreciated by the public at large, this jacket unmistakable style and today still remains one of the most famous models of the manufacturer Canada Goose.

Find quickly on Precision Ski models of the international brand, which is known to be one of the best in the manufacture of apparel designed for extreme temperatures.