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The purchase of ski is a real investment, especially when one opts for skis naked. Hence the interest to choose those that best correspond to its morphology, the style of practice and his level. The frequency of use is also an aspect to take into account. Here are a few tips Precision Ski choose the pair of skis that fits you well.


Before choosing a pair of skis, it is first necessary to determine the practice to which you as you indulge.

The ski track. This practice is intended for enthusiasts of speed and accuracy. Skis short, with a waist and narrow spatula wide are ideal for this type of activity.

The All Mountain. Followers of the all-terrain, opt for the All Mountain. You will need skis that are easy to control with a pad moderately broad (more or less 75 mm) and a long spatula.

Freeride. Love the snow, you just find your happiness. Your skis need to be detailed at all levels : long spatulas wide and a skate imposing.

The Freestyle. You plan to spend your time in the park to try new stunts ? In this case, you're a fan of the Freestyle. Opt for skis, and bi-spatulate, light and particularly resistant.

Regardless of the practice for which you opt for, we recommend you the ski Volkl. High-quality equipment for snow sports satisfied the most demanding athletes. According to your profile skier, you can also opt for one of the packs and ski fix. These packs tailor-made to help you to be sure of the compatibility of your equipment and the quality of the mounting.


The choice of a pair of ski also must be in function of its size and its weight. It is recommended to the fans of Freeride opt for skis measuring the same size as them. For other practices, it is wise to select skis measuring, on average, 10 to 15 cm shorter than the skier himself. More of a skier is heavy, the more the skis need to be rigid. A person-sized light will be difficult to handle skis, a weight important. Conversely, a sporting weight on skis that are too soft will not benefit of the sensations that this sport has to offer.


Your ski shop online, Precision Ski, made of the material of the sport of gliding his specialty. Whether you are looking for ski Volkl, ski Rossignol, DPS, Faction, or any other premium brand, be aware that you will find everything you need on the platform of your ski shop. Your store offers many offers skiing throughout the year. Enjoy !