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Picture Organic Helmets

When you say "sliding sports", you necessarily mean "falls". So the Picture Organic helmet is essential to ensure your safety on the ski slopes. Robust, comfortable and practical, this protection has all the technical characteristics to please the most picky surfers and skiers.

Picture Organic helmet: protection at the cutting edge of technology!

Picture Organic is a French brand that offers a wide range of equipment for winter sports. It is also one of the most innovative brands in terms of sports equipment for skiing and snowboarding. It is probably for this reason that the young brand has managed to seduce many snow and snow sports enthusiasts.

Picture Organic ski helmet: combining aesthetics and ergonomics

Skiers must not make the helmet an optional accessory. Falls can have serious consequences for everyone's health. Therefore, choosing a ski helmet is a wise decision to ensure your safety or that of your children. And it is strongly advised to choose a quality helmet. A proper helmet must be able to distribute the energy caused by impacts evenly and minimise it as much as possible. This is the case with Picture Organic helmets, which, thanks to Composite Fusion technology, reduce the extent of impact by absorbing power. The connection between the foam and the shell is another aspect on which the manufacturer has worked long and hard to develop a helmet that will stand up to any challenge. Finally, a ventilation system has also been added to the accessory to ensure optimal comfort for the wearer. No more problems of discomfort due to sweating!

Picture Organic helmet : all your products at Précision Ski

Offering high quality helmets for everyone is a priority for Precision Ski. That's why our Picture Organic protections come in many shapes and models. You will thus be able to find a modern Picture Organic helmet adapted to your budget and that suits you.