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Burton Snowboards

BURTON is a reference brand in snow sports, especially in snowboarding. In order to make you benefit from products of an extreme quality, Precision Ski has selected for you, products of choice. With a wide variety of Burton snowboards, you will have no trouble finding the board that suits you.

Choosing your Burton snowboard is an important decision!

Buying your first snowboard is a step in the life of a snowboarder. However, choosing a board is far from easy. There are many different models and features. The weight and the size of the snowboarder are first of all important elements to take into account before setting your sights on a specific board. So how do you choose your Burton snowboard? That's what we're going to see here.

Burton Snowboarding: One Board, One World

Fans are advised to opt for a soft Burton snowboard. It will prove to be easier to handle and control. Don't try to set yourself high goals too quickly. Snowboarding is a complex activity. It would be a shame to be discouraged if you don't choose a board adapted to your level. More experienced riders will naturally move towards a more rigid snowboard. This type of model has the advantage of hooking the snow well. You will have understood it: buying a snowboard is first of all to be objective about its sporting performance.

Snowboard Burton: which board is made for you?

There isn't just one type of snowboard at Burton, but four:

- Carving: This board is ideal for those who enjoy groomed trails and steep slopes. Narrow, long and stable, speed fans will appreciate the fast turns it allows. The carving board will not disappoint its owners!

- The freestyle: choosing your snowboard is choosing what you want to do with it. Want stable jumps and landings? In that case, this model of board is made for you.

- Freeride: Short and wide, this versatile board adapts to all types of terrain. Beginners who don't know which specialty to go for will be well advised to opt for this snowboard.

- The swallow: ideal for powder fans, the swallow board is particularly suitable for deep snowboarding.

Now that you know all the technical aspects, all you have to do is base yourself on your desires and preferences! Précision Ski offers a wide range of Burton models that will delight beginners as well as experienced snowboarders.