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Masques ski Oakley at the best price

Oakley is a renowned brand in the field of winter sports. Specialized in goggles and ski masks, equipment, Oakley will provide you the sun protection you need in the mountains. In order to provide you with the best masks Oakley at great prices, Precision Ski has selected for you a variety of models.


In addition to providing the skier that you are of a sporty style without the same, the mask Oakley protect your eyes from wind, cold, snow, humidity, and brightness. The mask Oakley is not an accessory it can be dispensed with, quite the contrary. The latter is designed to protect your eyes from weather conditions in the mountains, which can sometimes be very painful.

Since 1975,the Oakley brand provides the demanding skiers on ski masks. What makes Oakley the brand of choice for top-level athletes, is undoubtedly the innovation and the technology on which the mark is proof of that. A pioneer in the field of the glass polarizer and the panoramic screen, Oakley offers masks, allowing you to roam the mountain with confidence, whatever your level of skiing.

The peculiarity of Oakley is that, in addition to filter perfectly UVA, UVB and UVC, all of the ski masks of the brand are equipped with two screens separated by an air space, which helps limit the formation of fog. They are also equipped with a natural ventilation performance which can easily evacuate the hot air. Thus integrating high-end technology, the ski masks, Oakley offer you a broader vision and a comfort undeniable.


Have you already gone down the ski slopes without wearing a mask of protection Oakley ? If this is the case, you probably remember the inconvenience caused by this lack of equipment. The icy wind that assaults your eyes and you cannot see in front of you correctly, flakes that will require you to close the eyes, as well as the light that blind you. The glare of the sun, nevertheless, remains the most important factor in encouraging the wearing of a ski mask. To deal with all these weather, and properly protecting your eyes, there is a need to equip the mask of a good quality. For this, Precision Ski strongly recommends that you opt for a ski mask Oakley.


Different lenses, of the multiple colors, a variety of models : Precision Ski set on the diversity of its products to satisfy you. Men, women and children can purchase all the accessories and protections Oakley. Decide on an protection Oakley, it is to choose a high-end equipment that will allow young and old alike to fully enjoy their ski holiday. Masks adapted to the fog, the sun, cloudy weather, and designed for many sports in the mountains, you'll understand : Precision Ski has everything you need !

Essential accessory to get down the trails without being disturbed by the reverberation, the ski mask prevents you from being attacked by the weather, such as rain, wind, flakes of snow, or even the brightness.

To enjoy the joys of gliding, therefore it is necessary to equip a ski mask that is perfectly suited for what you use, to your level of skiing and your style. This is why Precision Ski strongly recommends that you opt for a ski mask Oakley.


Inspired by the visors of the helmet of a fighter pilot, snow goggles Oakley FLIGHT DECK is the flagship model of the brand. It offers unequalled sensations in terms of comfort and visibility. In effect, the frame is concealed behind a large screen, which allows him to marry perfectly the curves of your face. Its triple density foam that is hypoallergenic, it gives you a great comfort.

The lenses are interchangeable, so you can adjust the time and brightness. Its design without strapping also allows it to be compatible with many models of helmets, and the notches at the temples gives you the opportunity to wear your glasses.


This range of ski masks, is a real revolution in the world of optics. In fact, the ski mask Oakley with lenses PRIZM significantly increases the contrast and visibility for you, offering unprecedented control of light transmission, and therefore the quality of vision that is unmatched. This technology is the culmination of several years of scientific research and receives approval today of the biggest professional skiers such as olympic champion american Lyndsey Vonn, or even the number one in the discipline of slalom, with the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen.