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Scott ATV

Born in the 70's, the mountain bike is nowadays more and more used in the city because of its very practical nature. Mountain bike enthusiasts ride the same machine during the week and at weekends, in the city, in the country and especially in the mountains. Discover on this page our selection of off-road models from the renowned Scott brand. Because an athlete needs to be able to rely on his physical abilities as much as on his equipment, you too, whatever your level of practice: demand the best!

Choosing the right Scott ATV

The semi-rigid model is generally lighter and better equipped than the fully suspended version. To choose the model that suits you best, everything will depend on your practice, not to mention your height and weight.

For touring or cross-country, a rigid or semi-rigid mountain bike will be more adapted. For speed, opt for an aluminium or carbon frame, a resistant but also very light structure. Conversely, if you like to throw tricks, turn to a model with good suspensions and no cross-country course will stop you.

It's your favorite playground that will determine the mountain bike that will best suit you. Discover our different models to help you choose.

Scott mountain bikes on Precision Ski

As a specialist in mountain sports, Precision Ski offers you a wide range of mountain bikes. We have selected our items from the best equipment on the market, developed by an iconic brand for the world of mountain biking: VTT Scott.

A wide choice of vehicles that will adapt to all your uses. For downhill, cross-country, enduro, all-mountain or freeride, each discipline has its own type of bike. You will find models for men, women and children, and in different sizes, because learning the discipline is open to everyone.

Moreover, on Precision Ski you have the possibility to pay in 3 installments at no cost from 150€ of purchase, so take advantage of it. We offer you high performance items so that you can enjoy the best equipment to always surpass yourself and exploit your full potential in training, competition or for pleasure. Because like you, we defend the idea that a sportsman is driven by the will to always surpass himself, it is therefore normal to provide him with all the necessary equipment to achieve this