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Eastpak Backpacks

Considered as fashion accessories that give a touch of style for some or practical equipment for others, backpacks are widely used luggage in our societies. If you want to combine style and functionality, the Eastpak backpack - a monument in the history of luggage - is definitely the model for you. Practical, light and ultra-resistant, this equipment will meet all your expectations. Choose your model from our wide selection of items from the eponymous brand!

The Eastpak backpack, a historical monument

The Eastpak backpack is a must-have for playgrounds, middle schools, high schools and university campuses, and has quickly become a reference in the bag industry. The American brand, created in the 1950s, has been a landmark for generations. Today's students use it as school equipment and for many other purposes, just as their older brothers and before them, their parents did. A success that is mainly due to the quality of design of these 30-year guaranteed models, originally designed for Uncle Sam's army corps.

Durability, construction and solidity

Originally, the American company created by Monte Goldman is called Eastern Canvas Products USA Inc. and its aim is to create a bundle to equip GI's. The watchwords are "durability, construction and strength". A slogan that sticks perfectly to the skin of the EastPak backpack we still know today.

Following the success of his "duffle bags" (sailor's bags) known for their resistance, Goldman is chosen by the Pentagon to modernize the equipment of American troops. Until the 1970s, the firm produced a series of equipment made from the Cordura fabric used by the GIs for its resistant properties. These years spent in the service of the American armed forces allowed the brand to build up a reputation.

The brand's reputation quickly spread around the globe. In the 1970s, soldiers got rid of their bags to use new ones, and the Eastpak backpack arrived in Europe, collected by students who used it as school equipment. In addition to its resistant properties, the model has a sober but aesthetic side that quickly transforms it into a fashion accessory. The fashions follow one another and everyone appropriates the eastpack backpack, customizing it as they wish with the help of pins, for example.

In the 1980's, the Eastpak backpack celebrates its consecration and pushes the doors of Hollywood on the shoulders of Marty Mc Fly on the occasion of the release of the first film "Back to the Future". After that, the "Padded Returnity" became the must-have model and the brand that all students competed for. From the 80's until today, all the young generations have worn this model of backpack that is no longer presented. The ranges have now largely evolved to meet the expectations of a wider public, but still retain the ultra-resistant properties that made them so successful. Find the equipment that suits you among our wide choice