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Backpacks Dakine

Founded in 1979 in Hawaii by Rob Kaplan, the brand Dakine has been able to gradually establish itself as a reference in the field of sliding sports with its range of products, backpacks and original accessories as streetwear that snowwear. The company (which the name "da kine" means "the best" in hawaiian) started in marketing a first leash for surfers, has rapidly become popular with athletes. Thanks to the quality of its products, the brand has gained notoriety for its expansion in North America from 1986, settling in Oregon, and in providing equipment for outdoor sports, surfing and the mountains. It is now a worldwide success with products always safer and innovative.

Dakine, the specialist extreme sports

Sports are the heart of the activity of Dakine, which provides the best products and accessories on the market to the surfing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, kitesurfing as well as windsurfing. It is the invention in 1998 of a backpack Heli Pro, developed with pro riders, who made the fame of the brand, becoming a true standard around the world, timeless and often imitated. Also in 1998, his bag Park is the first model comprising a means of transporting vertically a skateboard. By working with recognised sports, Dakine seeks to go further with its equipment adapted to the needs of the users.

Must-have brand in the field of extreme sports because of the excellence of its products, the company offers its customers a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defect on one of its facilities. With its original accessories and functional, Dakine is intended both for professional athletes to amateurs. It also offers ranges of quality products for children. Among the products marketed by Dakine, some have been able to innovate and become reference models. This is the case of the Pack surfing, with its compartment waterproof, or bags on the back of a hike incorporating a system of transport of the snowboard. At the present time, the two domains of predilection of the brand remain the equipments for surfers and technical clothing dedicated to winter sports. Dakine offers a wide range of backpack, cover snowboarding and cover surfing, leash surfboard, but also accessories snowboard. The ski jackets, gloves and pants, Dakine are some of the best on the market.

The collections streetwear and snowwear from Dakine

Over the years, and with the favour of his growing popularity among athletes, the brand Dakine has expanded the range of its products. Collections streetwear, original and comfortable have been proposed, differentiating from the competition by the quality of the products and their distinctive design. Many accessories are added to the clothing created by the brand, such as caps and hats. A true reference for lovers of sport clothes that can be worn daily, Dakine was able to combine, like no other trademark comfort and design in its products. Ideal to be worn at holiday, the collections Dakine are also home to many summer clothes as winter clothes.

The products snowwear brand enjoy an excellent reputation thanks to the use of isolation techniques that are original and the fabrics used, which guarantee perfect regulation of the heat regardless of the outside temperature. Extremely comfortable, the pants and jackets Dakine designed for the snowboard includes all the finishes (fabric, high-performance, integrated ventilation system, zipper waterproof, protection of a variety), allowing you to indulge in the practice of your favorite sport in the best conditions. With the use of latest technologies and materials with proven quality, Dakine seeks to provide the best products for the practice of winter sports. The accessories are also many, with mittens, hats and ski gloves. The riders will also be able to find their happiness among the models of backpacks Dakine dedicated to freeride, the items of luggage that are specific to the practice of extreme sports and the model of bag used to carry any kind of equipment. Dakine account finally a collection bikewear very popular with cyclists, including jerseys, shorts cycling and gloves in the original design.

Other products Dakine : backpacks and suitcases

In addition to sports equipment, and collections of clothing, Dakine has put on the market a wide range of travel products to carry on its business safely, while enjoying the unique style of the brand. It is possible to find a great selection of backpacks, bags and travel suitcases on casters, struck with the initials of the famous brand. As always with Dakine, the product quality is the honor. These different equipment all benefit from careful finishing, with numerous storage compartments, inner pockets and outer pockets, locking systems and zippers with a large resistance.

Safe and sturdy, the bags and luggage that Dakine will keep all your belongings safe. The company also offers models designed for women, in particular, with small shoulder bags original and elegant. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, these bags can be used in all of your outings. The backpacks represent an important part of the business of the brand, which offers models set out among the most popular across the world. Comfortable and resistant, designed for some from recycled materials, backpacks Dakine stand out for their modern design, their storage spaces, and their quality of manufacture ensuring a long service life.