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The Eco Bonus for electric bikes

Electric bikes: the new eco-responsible mode of transport

Responsible for a quarter of the world's CO2 emissions, modes of transport are constantly increasing, polluting the planet a little more each day. Their meteoric growth is leading to an incredible increase in energy expenditure, as well as a rise in environmental impacts. To counter this situation, we are experiencing a development of so-called "green" transport to encourage changes in habits. Among these forms of transport, we have seen the manufacture of electric bicycles in recent years.

Electric bikes are equipped with electric assistance which has many advantages: the slopes are very easy to climb, you can carry your children in the back without getting tired, you don't feel any sensation of sporting effort and maintenance is very inexpensive.

Equipped with a motor and battery, the electric-assist bike makes pedalling easier and allows you to ride up to 25 km/h without any effort, pushing users to make a longer and less tiring trip. The battery has a range of between 50 and 95 km/h depending on the manufacturer, but it all depends on your pedalling strength, your weight, the natural elements (wind...), the tyres and the choice of bike (electric city bike or electric mountain bike).

Electric bikes have several "assistance levels" that you can select on the console attached to the handlebars. From a city ride to a sporty mountain ride, you don't use the same pedalling force.

State aid: a "bicycle bonus" for every purchase of an electric bicycle

In order to promote the electric bicycle and to attract new users in favour of this ecological transport, the French government is offering a grant of up to €200 for any purchase of an electric bicycle before 31 January 2018. This "bike bonus" has been implemented at national level and concerns electric city bikes, folding electric bikes, electric cargo bikes and electrically assisted mountain bikes. To benefit from this aid, set at 20% of the amount of your purchase, simply send a letter to the Regional Directorate of the Services and Payments Agency (ASP) and provide them with the following documents:

- Bicycle Bonus" form completed and signed, downloadable from the website of the Service and Payment Agency (ASP), or from the Public Bicycle Bonus website

- Proof of residence less than 3 years old,

- A copy of your identity document,

- A copy of the invoice for the purchase of the bicycle.

Revolutionising everyday habits, the electric bicycle has profoundly changed not only leisure activities but also the habits of people going to work. Ride better, save energy and do your bit for the environment.