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Insurance Sports Asshur Protect

In order to practice your outdoor activities and sports to risk in any security, Precision Ski offers you his insurance sports ASSHUR PROTECT. The risk of a collision, a fall or a loss of material may occur at any time. No matter what your sport of choice, it is essential to protect you and ensure you face the risks that might be incurred.

In the world, 24h/24 and 365 days per year, the insurance ASSUR PROTECT offers you assistance, whatever your practice.


All of the activities (performed out of competition) the following are covered : badminton, boomerang, camping, canoeing, canyoning, kite flying, spearfishing, running, cycling, climbing, golf, climbing, kayaking, luge, mountain, swimming, windsurfing, scuba diving, white water rafting, hiking and aquatic, snowshoeing, roller skating, running, roller skiing, downhill skiing, water-skiing, nordic skiing and hiking, skate-board, snowboarding, caving, squash, surfing, telemark skiing, tennis and sailing.



Amount, all taxes included / person

Civil Liability

4 600 000 €

Legal Protection

8 000 € / dispute

Interruption of the activity of sport

300 €

Accidental damage

3 000 €

Medical expenses

1 500 € (deductible of 30 €)



Amount, all taxes included / person

In the event of illness or injury

- transport / repatriation

- return of members of the family

Actual costs

Return ticket + taxi costs

Replacement driver

Ticket or driver

Medical expenses

- additional reimbursement of medical expenses and hospitalization abroad

10 000 € (deductible of 30 €)

Costs of search, rescue and evacuation

15 000 €



Download the contract of insurance here for more info

Insurance Contract An Insured Protect