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Choosing your ski jacket

How to choose the right ski jacket?

A key element in your outfit for the winter holidays? The ski jacket. Indeed, this garment protects you from bad weather and keeps you warm while remaining flexible. It is important to choose it well, adapted to your level and your desires. We offer you a wide range of jackets for all tastes, all sizes and all uses.

1. Choose the category of your ski jacket

There are many choices of jackets to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you find the one that's right for you.

First of all, the traditional ski jacket is weather resistant and keeps you warm. It is suitable for all possible winter sports and all levels. It is preferable to choose one with a Gore-Tex type protective membrane that keeps you dry all day long. With a synthetic lining or natural down, discreet or flowing, there is something for every taste and size.

The Hardshell jacket is waterproof and breathable, protecting you completely from harsh weather conditions such as snow, hail or strong winds. Ideal for athletes who don't stop at the weather, the Hardshell jacket keeps you dry.

The Softshell jacket has a fleece layer to keep you warm. Windproof, it is not waterproof, only water-repellent. Rather flexible, you feel comfortable in it and free to move.

There are also 3-in-1 ski jackets that combine insulating, waterproof and heating properties. More complete, they are suitable for all skiers, whatever the weather conditions.

2. What characteristics for your ski jacket?

In order to choose your ski jacket properly, we advise you to look at their respective characteristics. The first criterion is the size. Indeed, taking a jacket that is too big hinders your movements and a jacket that is too small does not cover all parts of your body.

It is important that your jacket is waterproof to keep you dry. Indeed, it is not uncommon for it to snow or rain on the slopes. It is preferable that your clothing has a thermal lining to insulate the heat. Some jackets are equipped with ventilation zips to wick away perspiration.

For practical reasons, be careful to choose a ski jacket with pockets, preferably zipped, so that you can keep your mobile phone, keys and other essential accessories with you. Don't forget to check that your jacket has a pocket on the left arm for your ski pass.

We also advise you to choose a jacket with a hood, which can be very useful in case of rain or snow.

Gore-tex fabric provides long-lasting protection against bad weather, keeps you dry, while remaining light and supple. Currently, Gore-tex garments are recognized as the best on the market.

3. Men's and Women's ski jackets

We offer a wide range of men's ski jackets. Everyone can find the jacket corresponding to him, according to his level or his use. We reveal you the characteristics of each product so that each of your criteria is respected.

Determining the use of your ski outfit is essential, leisure, competition, downhill skiing, off-piste, snowboarding... So you can find the product that suits you more easily.

Women's ski jackets are generally tighter, but remain just as waterproof and resistant. There are many models for all tastes, which combine elegance and technical qualities.

We offer ski jackets for all sizes and budgets. There are discreet jackets in dark colours as well as more colourful jackets.

We advise you to pay particular attention to the waterproofness and breathability of your jacket, in order to be comfortable, but also dry in your outfit.

4. What to put under a ski jacket?

Everything depends on the thermal insulation of your jacket and the weather. If your ski jacket retains heat perfectly and protects against wind and other bad weather, you can opt for a simple undershirt. There are many technical underlayers that are quite light and close to the body, with fabric adapted to wick away perspiration and insulate heat. These underpullovers are perfect for the big sportsmen who don't stop skiing all day long!

If your jacket doesn't feel warm enough or the weather is too cold, don't hesitate to add under your jacket a big sweater or sweatshirt, which will keep you at a comfortable temperature.

5. Maintenance of a ski jacket

To keep your ski jacket clean and comfortable, it is important to wash it properly and regularly. To avoid damaging it, we give you a few tips. Most of the time, clothes are made of technical textiles with multiple functions (resistance, iridium ripstop fabric, warmth, snow shield...) and require special care.

Thus, turn your ski jacket over to wash it and check that all the zips are properly closed. The inner part, which is in contact with your body, is thus thoroughly cleaned. We recommend a synthetic wash programme at 30°, to avoid damaging the jacket. Do not hesitate to rinse and wring out your garment several times.

To dry your equipment, put it back in the upright position and then lay your clothes next to a heater or other heat source in a ventilated area. If you have a down jacket, you can use a tumble dryer, which is faster.

6. Best Ski Jacket Brands

Many brands offer ski jackets for men and women, whatever your size. The French brand Rossignol offers a range of coats perfectly adapted for winter sports. The men's and women's ski jackets that the Rossignol brand offers have an innovative and breathable outer layer of ultra-resistant fabric, while remaining perfectly sophisticated.

At more affordable prices, you can find very resistant jackets at Volcom, O'Neill, Oakley, Millet, Columbia... Some sports brands also offer ski jackets such as Quiksilver, Superdry, Rip Curl. At higher prices, specialized brands such as SalomonPicture Organic, Toni Sailer or Spyder present high quality and high performance products.