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Recognized by many skiers for the quality of its products, the Dakine brand has anchored its name in the minds of sportsmen and women. Created in 1979, the company, whose name means "the best" in Hawaiian Creole, has constantly improved the standard of its extreme sports accessories over the years. Précision Ski offers you a large choice of products from the Dakine brand.

Dakine: products for skiing

This winter, don't hurtle down the slopes without your Dakine ski equipment. The brand is specialized in equipment related to ski and snowboard maintenance. It offers many products such as tool kits to be able to repair your equipment at any time. The Dakine waxing kits, very useful for repairing your skis or snowboard, are also marketed by Précision Ski.

Dakine: protect your ski equipment

The brand has also developed the Dakine backpack and the Dakine cover. Practical and resistant at the same time, these two products will allow you to protect your ski equipment once the season is over. Thanks to the Dakine backpack, bring your tools everywhere with you to be able to practice your favourite sport in all circumstances.

Dakine : unbeatable equipment at unbeatable prices with Precision Ski

To provide you with high-end products at low prices. That's what your online store Précision Ski offers you. Dakine ski equipment allows you to fully enjoy your stay at the mountain. Don't let the ups and downs spoil your enjoyment of winter sports. Bring your equipment everywhere with the Dakine backpack and protect it with the Dakine cover. With Précision Ski, your purchase is satisfied or reimbursed, so don't wait any longer to buy your equipment.