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Combining comfort, warmth and protection, discover all our women's ski racing gloves . Designed and designed for competition, they perfectly meet the requirements of skiers. With these gloves, you'll gain precious seconds in your races.  Learn more


Women's ski racing gloves are very technical, so you can get all the features you need. Warm, comfortable and functional, these models are made up of membranes that protect your hands from internal and external moisture, both breathable and waterproof. The reinforcements placed at the joints, protect against various shocks, in order to avoid breakage. On Precision Ski, you'll find a range of women's ski race gloves the latest technology to offer you comfort, efficiency and protection. For your training and competitions, choose the best with our selection of gloves designed by the biggest brands such as Level, Leki or Rossignol.


SUPER PALM POC women's ski racing gloves have been designed for female skiers looking for victory. Ultra-resistant, they are designed in goat leather to provide maximum comfort and warmth even in extreme temperatures. In addition, they are equipped with VPD 2.0 technology that absorbs shocks and effectively repels stakes on the track. As for the LARA GUT REUSCH ski racing mittens, they were created in collaboration with the famous Swiss champion. Thanks to their foam protection and leather coating, they maintain heat and remove moisture while ensuring excellent grip. In addition, their chic and feminine touch will seduce more than one skier! The WC EXPERT ROSSIGNOL women's ski racing gloves will give you the full attitude of a professional. In full match to the expectations of the most demanding skiers, these women's ski gloves are both waterproof and breathable. With hydrophobic fibres and goat's leather, you can easily cope with the harshest winter conditions. Finally, the WORLDCUP RACE LEKI women's ski gloves will be as effective for your training as they are for your competitions. With a rigid hull and multiple protections, these gloves will be real shields against the stakes. In addition, they offer a good range of motion thanks to the soft goat leather. Very warm and comfortable, you won't want to take them off anymore.