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Like adults, your children must be properly protected during their slalom passages. It starts with the purchase of a junior ski racing helmet , adapted to their morphology. They guarantee comfort, breathability and protection in all weathers in case of falls or shocks.  Learn more


For greater comfort, opt for lightness. For this, you have the choice between two molding techniques. The traditional technique consists of two distinct parts, more economical but heavier. The In Mould, on the other hand, offers a helmet in one piece, much lighter. This will allow your child to quickly forget his junior ski helmet, to focus on his passage. Launched at high speed, your little champion needs a specific racing ski helmet for safety. The latter must wrap his head tightly, in order to protect his ears and chin from possible falls and other shocks. The children's slalom ski helmet must also have good ventilation so that your little skier keeps his head dry, even during his sporting descents. 


The D-RACE DAINESE junior ski helmet is ultra-strong and stays in place during the race. Certified by the International Ski Federation, it protects young skiers with their ABS construction and styrofoam interior hull. Equipped with a ventilation system, it keeps its head cool and dry throughout the day. In addition, RED BULL's VULCANO BRIKO junior ski racing helmet will appeal to future ski champions. Equipped with the PROTETTO system, it effectively absorbs shocks to maximize the skier's safety. Reducing the impact after a fall, he will be the best ally of the young riders on the track. Finally, the ARTIC SL POC children's ski racing helmet features a removable adjustable chin strap, ideal for fending off slalom poles. Reducing rotational impacts, it offers incredible protection on the track thanks to the VPD 2.0 technologist.