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Whether it's for a workout or a competition, equip yourself with a chin guard for your ski racing helmet. Not only does it protect the face from shocks and impacts and will save you precious seconds when passing through doors.  Learn more

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An essential element in competition, the ski helmet provides you with effective shock protection. But in a slalom, it is essential to equip yourself with a chin guard to repel the stakes and gain precious seconds in a competition. Racing ski helmets with a full hull are equipped with inserts to add a chin strap. Find in this category our selection of chin guard for ski helmet, for effective protection in slalom. Protect yourself from shocks and blows with these accessories specially adapted to ski helmets.


On Precision Ski, find the chin straps for your racing ski helmet, selected from the biggest manufacturers. Lange, Rossignol or Uvex offer quality products for greater safety. So take a look at our chin strap page to find the one that fits your helmet. 

The ROSSIGNOL chin guard PROTECT DH is designed to protect you when doors and stakes pass through. During your workouts or your races, this chin strap for ski helmet will be a good ally. It attaches very easily and covers a large part of the face. In addition, the VULCANO FIS 6.8 BRIKO chin guard is compatible with all BRIKO ski helmets approved by the International Ski Federation. It repels the stakes and protects your face from shocks and impacts on slaloms. Plus, it attaches easily to save you time in every race. Finally, the ALUMINIUM POC chin guard is used for training as well as for competition. Protecting the neck and face, it will be a real shield against shocks when passing doors.

Find on our website other slalom protections and make the race with a serene spirit.