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Launched at high speed, the ski racing protections will allow you to pass through the gates in slalom without an eyebrow. And to hit the track as quickly as possible, it's best to be properly equipped. Discover a wide selection of racing protections for adults and children and get started on the ski slope! Learn more


Hands, shins or forearms are parts of the body that must be protected during a ski race. Ultra-robust, these ski protections reduce the risk of injury and fit perfectly to your needs. You will be more serene and can jump into the slalom by pushing the stakes and saving time on the clock! On Precision Ski, we thought of everyone! Men, women and children, discover training shorts adapted to your different morphologies. To chain the doors to the bottom of the crate, do not neglect the necessary equipment. On Precision Ski, you'll find all the equipment you need to drop the lap times. Protecting closed sticks, chin straps, shin guards, we have selected for you the ski racing protections you need to ski safely. 


The RACE PROTECTOR KOMPERDELL back protector is designed to give you maximum protection during your competitions. Effectively protecting the back, this backbone adapts perfectly to the morphology and stays in place to give you a lot of freedom of movement. In addition, it is fully padded and its ergonomic shape will appeal to all ski enthusiasts. The PROTECT RACING KRISTOFFERSEN ENERGIAPURA shin guards were created in collaboration with renowned world champion Henrik Kristoffersen. Highly efficient, they are made of durable and durable plastic that protects your shins and helps you push the stakes back on the track.  The CHIN ALUMINIUM POC chinguard is essential for the practice of special slalom. It protects the jaw, face and neck from possible shocks and falls as a result of the doors. Easy to install on your ski racing helmet, it will be a real ally on the track. Finally, SHIN GUARD WORLDCUP PRO LEKI racing protections provide considerable protection against impacts when passing through the gates on a slalom.