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Developed especially for the intense phases of your competitions, the women's ski racing suits present on Precision Ski are equipped with the latest technologies developed to bring you optimal comfort. Beat all the times and push the stakes back on the track! Learn more

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On Precision Ski, you'll find women's ski racing suits made from stretch material to give you complete freedom of movement. As powerful in special slalom as in giant, these combinations generate good muscle oxygenation to reduce feelings of fatigue. Specially adapted to the female morphology, women's ski racing suits are equipped with flat seams that avoid any risk of irritation on contact with the skin. Very breathable, they effectively drain sweat to keep you dry so you don't get cold after the race. 


The SKIN GS POC women's racing suit will perfectly match your morphology. Thanks to its high-performance fibers and multiple foam reinforcements, you'll fend off obstacles on the track and cross the finish line in the lead! As for the woman racing suit ENERGIAPURA COMBI THERMIC, you will significantly improve your performance. Perfectly on the skin and ski boots, it offers flexibility, strength and elasticity. Finally, the COLMAR women's racing suit is made of indelible fabric. Offering strength and durability, you can compete with confidence with quality equipment. Plus, thanks to its preformed knees, you'll be able to move freely!