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What could be better than a good, practical and sturdy travel bag when you go on an adventure? At Precision Ski, we have selected a wide range of travel bags from the biggest outdoor sports brands, which will make all your travels easier. Learn more


Very practical, the travel bag on wheels will be useful for carrying heavy loads. On the other hand, shoulder bags will be more than enough to go away for the weekend. The bag that suits you best will be the one that fits your adventure. Each travel bag is designed to meet specific needs. Before you go on a price hunt, start by determining what your most important criteria are. At Precision Ski, you'll find only sturdy travel bags, made of reinforced fabrics, for a longer life span. DAKINE travel bags are known for their great sturdiness. Equipped with several storage compartments, these cases are perfect for your long adventures abroad or in the mountains.  


The TRANVERZ L EASTPAK suitcase has a capacity of 121 litres. Equipped with two very sturdy wheels and a retractable handle, you can easily travel around the world and move around the terminal. THE NORTH FACE OVERHEAD suitcase has padded handles and multiple protections on strategic areas to offer you maximum protection during your travels. In addition, it is equipped with a computer pocket so that you can keep an eye on you during business trips. As for the FISCHER TEAM SPORTBAG, it is ideal for your sports excursions. Thanks to its handles and its large carrying strap, it is easy to carry and protects your belongings in all circumstances. You will surely fall for the retro side of the KULTE travel bag and its pretty embroidery! Very solid, it has a jersey lining to protect your belongings while allowing air to circulate. Finally, the MULTIPATH CARRY-ON BURTON suitcase will be appreciated as well for a departure on vacation as for a business trip. Its numerous pockets are ideal for efficiently distributing your belongings and transporting them with confidence.

For your everyday life, take a look at our street backpacks or our technical backpacks for your outdoor activities.