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Whether you choose a backpack technique , ABS, Arva, Atomic, Evoc, Eastpak , Ortovox, Dakine , or another major brand outdoor, you can enjoy a more convenient than ever before, and equipped with the latest technologies. With all these new features, it is sometimes difficult to find. A rucksack a technical mountain is especially adapted to the practice of sport. Depending on your discipline, you need pay attention to some criteria more than others. Learn more

Choosing the right backpack technical trail-running

For the backpack technical trail-running, the most important criterion to take into account is the stability, so you enjoy more comfort. Pay attention to the type of straps present on the bag that you will select. Also, remember that it must be as lightweight as possible, to be forgotten during the race. Finally, the litrage is going to depend on the distance that you are going to travel.

The backpack technique ideal for mountain BIKING

In mountain BIKING, it is important to choose a backpack that features a great breathability. Pay attention to the ventilation to enjoy longer your favorite sport, without having to stop. As for the trail, a backpack mountain BIKING should be worn close to the body, to not move.

A backpack for the hiking

When you go hiking, it is necessary to have a backpack functional. The backpacks hiking often have several storage compartments in order not to lose time to find your small items. Again, choose a bag that is lightweight and well-ventilated place.

Choose backpack, ski or snowboard

Ski or snowboard, the choice of the backpack is going to depend on your program. The backpack freeride ski must be able to accommodate all the equipment you need (DVA, shovel, probe...). To minimize the risk of getting stuck under an avalanche, do not hesitate to invest in a backpack airbag !