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The gopro has established itself as the reference action camera, allowing you to film yourself during all your outdoor sports activities. A gopro attachment adapted to your practice will allow you to use it hands-free, without being hindered in your practice. Learn more


The most useful accessory is undoubtedly a gopro fastener, which makes it possible to forget it once launched. For example, you can choose a gopro ski helmet binding to film your descents in powder snow or opt for a gopro mountain bike binding if you are a nature biker. A gopro base will allow you to make fixed shots, especially if you want to stage yourself in front of the camera to present or debrief your exploit of the day. With a gopro camera mount you will have even more freedom of choice in framing, while with a gopro pole you can make a few selfie shots.

External batteries are a very useful complement to the gopro, bringing a welcome extra autonomy for long raids, and it is often a good idea to put one in your technical backpack before leaving for the day. The storage cases will allow you to protect the camera when you are not using it, for example during approach phases that you do not want to film, and the anti-fog kits will prove very useful in certain weather conditions.


The harness allows you to film a subjective view at chest height, which is very immersive for viewing, and is particularly well suited to trail riding. It can also be used as mountain bike equipment, unless you prefer a gopro attachment on the handlebars or with a strap.

Skiers are spoilt for choice between a ski helmet, a ski pole or even a gopro binding on the rucksack. Snowboarders will opt for an adapted gopro snowboard binding, fixing the camera directly on the board for absolutely stunning images. Thus equipped according to your practice and your expectations in terms of images, all you have to do is adjust your ski goggle and get going while your gopro films your day's prowess!