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Every great sportsman or traveller has his electronic equipment to make his adventures unforgettable.  In hiking, trailing, camping, winter sports or even expedition, tourism or other mops, immortalize your experiences and improve your performance through your videos or music. Check out all our audio and video accessories for your next adventures! Learn more


Extreme sports enthusiasts enjoy filming their exploits with a Go Pro camera. Small and light, it can be attached everywhere to immortalize all your adventures. On the helmet, a mooring foot, a pole or even a harness, this mini-camera follows you everywhere.

Watching these videos allows you to both keep good memories and be able to identify your mistakes in order to improve yourself. Music is also a good way to combat stress or motivate yourself. Whatever your sport, don't forget to bring your headphones or headphones to give you energy. When you're out in the wilderness, backup batteries are perfect for charging your audio and video equipment. Often very small, they won't take up space in your backpack or coat pocket. Also think of the protective covers for your various devices. Rain, falls, you must be able to cope with any unforeseen event. Take a look at our various audio and video pages to find the equipment that will allow you to improve and keep great memories. 


The U-SHOT XSORIES camera pole was designed to take selfies more easily. Thanks to its telescopic handle and rotating head, it is easy to use and is carried everywhere. The 8RQ FLOID COLMAR computer cover features a water-proof treatment and padded fabric for maximum safety. With its wide zipped aperture, quickly protect your computer and weather the weather with serenity. In addition, the VENTURE GOAL ZERO external battery is fully waterproof and easy to carry. Essential for all the churners, it charges in 4 hours so you never run out of energy. Finally, the ADVENTURE H5 GO PRO camera will allow you to capture every moment and share them easily. With voice control, quickly trigger the capture and don't miss out on your experiences. Its touchscreen makes handling easier and its waterproofing capability allows you to take it wherever you want.