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The ski goggle  is popular to protect the face and eyes and often has a replacement lense . Indeed, each ski mask screen is adapted to very specific conditions. Depending on the weather, change your screen and discover all our models according to your expectations.  Learn more


Whichever screen you choose, it will protect you 100% from UV rays. But each model is categorized into a specific category. Category 1 is intended for days of fog and bad weather. The 2 is suitable for cloudy days, while categories 3 and 4 are made for very sunny days. The darker the screen hue, the more it will protect you from high brightness. We therefore advise you to opt for a brown, brown, black, grey or iridium screen for sunny days.

To increase your visibility in fog, the spare lense for ski goggle will be clearer. You will then find shades of orange, yellow or pink. To combat glare, polarized replacement lenses absorb reflections while increasing contrasts. For more versatility, choose a photochromic screen, which dyes under the action of light, to adapt to changing weather conditions. With a spherical screen, you'll enjoy a better field of view, thanks to decreased optical distortions. Finally, wearing contact lenses is not always very comfortable in the mountains. Those who enjoy keeping their eyeglasses under the ski goggle will appreciate the OTG (Over The Glasses) screens, which have two notches on the temples to accommodate the branches of your glasses. 


The DRIVER MIRAGE SALOMON goggle lense is ideal for perpetuating the experience of your ski mask. This photochromic screen effectively filters al light and adapts to light conditions. Thus, it automatically switches from a protection 1 to 3 without even changing masks! The FLIGHT DECK OAKLEY replacement lenses will help you boost your performance with Prizm technology that optimizes contrasts. So you anticipate the terrain on the track and adjust your speed for maximum control. In addition, the CAIRN VISOR CLASSIC ski helmet screen ensures good visibility regardless of the sunshine conditions. Indeed, this CAIRN lense can be easily clipped onto a helmet to optimize your vision and performance on the snow. Finally, the LAVA BRIKO replacement lense is a double cylindrical screen designed for bad weather. Suitable for low light intensities, it will allow you to understand the roughness of the terrain and make the most of your day of skiing!