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To make the most of the ski slopes in all weathers, discover all our models of ski goggles . Essential accessories for winter sports, the mask effectively protects against the sun's rays while ensuring an excellent visual field.  Learn more


In the mountains, weather conditions can sometimes interfere with your winter sports such as snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, tobogganing or cross-country skiing. Between glare, reverberation, splashing snow, and extreme weather conditions, your vision can easily be disturbed. So, to enjoy the joys of winter sports and protect your eyes effectively, wearing a high-performance ski goggle is customary.

Ski mask lenses are categorized into different categories. Category 1 masks are specially designed for days of fog and bad weather. Category 2, on the other hand, includes models adapted to cloudy weather with some lightening. Finally, categories 3 and 4 are intended for sunny days. This setting is important to consider when considering buying a men's ski or snowboard mask. You'll notice that on foggy days, the masks have a yellow, orange or pink screen, which accentuates the contrast and makes it clearer.

For category 4 snow masks, the screen is going to be particularly dark. Indeed, these masks are the most protective, but the least versatile. The level of visibility decreases at the same time as the brightness (end of day or shadows). The ideal is to have several screens of ski mask. On the Precision Ski website, you will find models of goggles that have interchangeable screens, and therefore allow you to adapt to all conditions. Some brands even offer panoramic screens such as Oakley snowboard masks, giving you better visibility and comfort.

The size of your ski mask

There are no precise sizes for ski maques. However, the S, M and L indicators allow you to find the mask size that suits you depending on the size of your face. In general, S-sizes are intended for women, who have a thinner face. Men, on the other hand, prefer size M or L ski masks.

A high-performance ski mask

One of the unpleasant aspects of the ski goggles is the mist. Today, the vast majority of models have a high-performance fog control system. On simple screens, you will find an anti-fog treatment on the inside of the glass. Other models of Precision Ski ski masks are equipped with a double screen, which helps to limit the formation of mist. The air trapped between the two screens acts as a thermal insulator and limits the formation of mist. This technology also allows air to circulate and eliminate the warm air produced by your face.

On our website, you can also buy a state-of-the-art ski mask, such as some Oakley ski mask models, which incorporates a revolutionary technique: PRIZM screens. These screens have been designed to improve visibility and contrasts. This technological prowess has the advantage of no longer needing to change screens depending on the weather conditions. Finally, for a ski mask to perform well, it must meet the EN 174 standard. This is a European standard that applies to eye protection equipment for sliding sports, such as skiing, snowboarding or sledging. But the mask is also an increasingly trendy accessory on the slopes. Indeed, it is important to take care of your style in winter, even when going down on skis. So, thanks to Precision Ski, you'll find the men's or women's mask that's perfect for your level, your protection needs, and your ski or snowboard outfit.


Precision Ski selects models of ski masks in multiple colors, elaborate designs and different sizes. The whole family has the right to demand quality, which is why you can find on the site Precision Ski a wide range of ski masks for women at the best price as well as a collection of men's ski masks, not to mention the range specially designed for the most Young.  

To enjoy your skiing holiday in the best conditions, you can count on Precision Skiing. Our experts in optical equipment for skiing or snowboarding have selected the best brands. Discover, for example, SALOMON ski goggles and their large cylindrical screen. As for JULBO ski goggles, they protect 100% against UV rays and limit the appearance of mist. Just like the ROSSIGNOL goggles that are both technical and comfortable.  Finally, RED BULL ski goggles are ultra stylish and will help you exceed your limits on and off piste!

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