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In skiing as in snowboarding, vertebrae injuries are among the most serious with head injuries. Needless to say, these shocks are often irreversible when you go freeride or try a new trick at the park. The back protection must therefore be part of your ski equipment, whatever your level, confirmed as an expert. Learn more


There are two types of ski ridges. The one mounted on two straps and a belly belt, and the ski protective jacket with the directly integrated back protector, with foam padding. The first effectively protects the vertebrae, is more economical but is not necessarily very comfortable. The second, more upscale, is quickly forgotten thanks to its comfort and lightness.

That's why, to choose the model that suits you best, you need to pay attention to how you're going to use it. If you go to the mountains occasionally, the strap ridge will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, if you spend your days in the park or off-piste, invest directly in a good back protection. You'll enjoy it throughout the winter. On Precision Ski, we've selected back protections with the latest safety innovations for you. This equipment acts as a real shield during untimely falls and avoids a good number of traumas. It is therefore essential to choose a protection at its size, to be properly protected and that leaves you free of your movements. Because being well protected is important, but if you can't move, it's not so good. So whether you choose a Head Ridge or a Dainese Ridge, you'll be sure to be properly protected but also completely free to send your rotations!


The POCITO VPD POC Junior Back Protection has been designed for all young budding skiers. This POC back protection is easy to slip and fits perfectly with the morphology. Its mesh construction keeps the body cool and cool thanks to an efficient moisture evacuation. The RPG VEST ROSSIGNOL back protector offers great freedom of movement. With a ventral strap, it stays in place while effectively protecting the back. Offering optimal breathability, it removes moisture while ensuring foolproof durability. Finally, the PRO IMPAKT CAIRN back protector is made with an innovative fabric that stiffens on impact and then automatically returns to its shape. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it stays in place while meeting the needs of the most demanding skiers. 

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