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In skiing or snowboarding, it is important to equip yourself properly to minimize the risk of injury but also increase the pleasure that snow provides. In freeride, freestyle, hiking or piste, we must not forget that skiing and snowboarding remain extreme sports. From ski helmets to backpacks, find all our accessories and ski protections to fully enjoy your outdoor activities.  Learn more

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Essential for the safety of the skier, the ski helmet is now an integral part of the equipment. With a built-in visor, aerations or removable ears, the helmets perfectly meet the needs of skiers. And for optimal vision in all conditions, choose the ski goggle that suits you. At every time, its visor color! Enjoy the ski slopes no matter the weather and keep a quality visual field to anticipate the terrain on the piste. 

When you go on a freeride adventure, you engage in unsecured areas, knowing that the mountain is full of dangers, often imperceptible. It is therefore crucial to get all the avalanche safety equipment, including the basic triptych: DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), snow shovel and probe. In freestyle, don't forget your back protection and wrist and hand protection.


For a day at the skatepark, to go to school or for a freeride outing, discover all our models of backpacks. Street backpack, technical backpack or travel bag, find the storage capacity that suits you according to your expectations. To capture unique moments or share your Mountain bike outing, check out all our video audio accessories. GoPro camera, headphones or portable battery, you will find all the equipment equipped with the latest technologies and thus go on an adventure with a real equipment of blight.