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For the most demanding riders, Precision Ski has selected for you models of women's snowboard boots that perfectly meet your expectations. Find the biggest brands of sliding sports and the latest technologies on our website! Learn more


Comfort, warmth but also style are the main criteria taken into account for women's snow boots.  Gone are the days when brands took over male models with a girly look. Today, snowboard specialists such as Ride, Burton, K2 or Head, offers models specially adapted to your morphology. Indeed, a narrower heel, a more pronounced arch, a lower calf require specific equipment in order to enjoy maximum comfort. Brands have also gone to great lengths to offer you ultra-trendy women's snowboard boots looks! Your level will determine the type of boots you need. If you're just starting out, we recommend that you opt for super comfortable, tolerant, flexible and well-insulated women's snow shoes to avoid cold or sore feet. Confirmed levels, on the other hand, turn to more high-end, stronger and more efficient boots that will allow you to push your limits. 


MONARCH NITRO women's snow boots have been designed to give you precise support and controlled trajectories. Reducing the vibrations, they offer a good grip in all circumstances while perfectly marrying your morphology. Squeeze and loosen your boots quickly and enjoy every moment of sliding on any type of terrain. As for the LIMELIGHT BURTON women's snowboard boots, they will allow you to ride even in extreme weather conditions. Warm and very comfortable, they will allow you to ride the powder as well as chain the rails and modules at the snowpark. Finally, the ENCORE VANS women's snowboard boots and their thermoformable boot will give you all the comfort you're looking for. Greatly optimizing the transmission of force, they increase the sensations of sliding tenfold for unique experiences on snow.