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When buying your snowboard boots, several criteria are taken into account.  To help you choose your equipment, follow Precision Ski's tips for choosing the snowboard boots that's right for you. Learn more


Depending on your level, the flex will have a big influence on your comfort. A beginner or casual rider will be more comfortable in flexible boots while experienced experts will prefer stiffer snow boots. The practice will also act in your choice. In freestyle, snowboard boots with a flexible flex, especially at the top of the collar, will be more suitable. All mountain riders will find satisfaction in snow shoes with flex medium and freeriders in boots with hard flex medium. There are also different lacing systems that will allow you to save time with easier lacing or gain accuracy on the tightening of your snow boots.

Here is a list of snow boot lacing systems, which will allow you to select the one that will best meet your criteria:

- The BOA system: It allows a quick lacing of the shoe, thanks to thin steel cables and a small wheel.

- The BOA focus system: Double BOA device, it allows a fast and precise lacing, both on the top and bottom of the shoe.

- The Speed Zone system: Thanks to a small handle located on the outside of the shoe, the tightening is done in one movement.

- The traditional system: Same system as for sneakers, this lacing, which has many drawbacks because it is slower or more difficult, remains the most accurate.

- Hybrid lacing: Mix between BOA and traditional systems for fast and accurate lacing.

You can now browse our different models, starting with a first selection among our men's snowboard bootswomen's snowboard boots and kids' snowboard boots


Among the flagship models of outdoor brands, you can find the HI-STANDARD VANS snow boots. Designed for all riders involved, they provide unique ride sensations while guaranteeing a high level of comfort. Their all-mountain program will allow you to have fun on the slopes as well as in powder. As for NITRO snowboard boots, they're for all committed riders who don't want to lose a single second of skiing. Easy to lace up, they have an insulated boot that effectively protects you from the winter cold. Depreciating shocks, they continuously maintain the feet to significantly optimize the support and transmission of power. For riders looking for new snow-covered terrain, discover the incredible comfort of BURTON women's snowboard boots. Fully thermoformable, they will allow you to ride in all weathers thanks to their excellent insulation. In addition, they have a gel cushion to leave you free of your movements and chain the figures on the modules.