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Get on with precision skiing for your next ski trips. We offer you all the  snowboard equipment you need as well as tips for choosing the right size snowboard .  Learn more


Born in the United States in the 1980s, snowboarding is a winter sport that was developed by Jake Burton, the founder of the brand. A true meeting between skiing and surfing, the popularisation of snowboarding has seduced many people very quickly. It was not until 1998 that the sport was included in the Olympic Games.

Men, women and children, beginners to experts, you will find the snowboard equipment adapted to your morphology and your level. Precision Ski offers various models of snow bindings and snowboards nude or in snow pack (fix - board), but also snow boots and covers to make your life easier when you do not have your gear on your feet. 

Whether you prefer the track, powder or snowpark, Precision Ski has selected all the snowboard equipment from the program to choose well before buying a snowboard. Each program has specific characteristics in terms of plank size, flexibility, camber, stability, dynamism... And don't forget, snowboarding safety comes first, so check out all our snowboard protections and snowboard waxing gear for a successful ski ings! We have selected our snowboard gear from the biggest brands in the industry, such as Burton, K2, Nitro, Ride and all the snow accessories. With Precision Ski, buying a snowboard is really easy!

For freestyle, opt for a soft twin tip board for better balance and more sensations during your tricks. If you're looking for an all-mountain board, opt for a shape with a narrow tail for more precision in turns and stability even at full speed. Finally, for your freeride sessions, it is strongly recommended to opt for a rather long board in order to benefit from good flotation. with a rocker on the nose.


The NITRO snowboard is an all-mountain women's snowboard that will take you to any type of terrain. Very playful and responsive, is handy and will offer you good buoyancy to make your own traces in the snowy slopes. While the FAMILY TREE BURTON snowboard is designed for freeride and powder field enthusiasts. Light and handy, it offers good flotation and unique sensations in fresh snow. And for young riders, discover our children's snowboard pack which will give good sensations from the very first descents. Moreover, these boards will allow the youngest riders to discover this sport thanks to their easy to handle boards.

The TOUR BAG DAKINE  snowboard bag will delight snowboarders travelling the world in search of the perfect spot. Very strong, it is weatherproof and protects your equipment in all circumstances. As for the MALAVITA BURTON snowboard bindings, they have a cushioning system while effectively absorbing shocks. Finally, discover the incredible comfort of HI-STANDARD VANS snowboard boots will allow you to be at ease on all terrains. Very comfortable, they are a sure bet for all discerning riders. Finally, the LAUNCH BOA SALOMON snowboard boots perfectly combine comfort and performance. And thanks to their fast and innovative lacing system, you won't lose a second off the slopes!