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Discipline attractive each season more and more of the world, the ski touring is a very widespread practice. It requires endurance and stamina but especially of the desire to reach the summits ! A Sport that is very technical, check out all the bindings of ski touring available on our site. Combining safety, comfort and performance, they will be your best allied to transmit power to the spatulas. Learn more


With many technical characteristics of ski bindings for hiking play a critical role in climbing. In fact, they are the link between the skier and his skis.

Unlike ski bindings, the setting of walk has a walk mode which allows him to free the heel. Thus, you slide off the ski while having a “natural”, without too much effort. And the descent, the ski bindings touring effectively maintain ski boots like ski bindings alpine.

There are different types of bindings alpine touring ski according to the expectations of the skiers. First of all, the bindings are very light for those skiers wishing to focus the effort on the climb. Then, the fasteners ' classic for downhill freeride, bindings heavy enough for maximum security. Finally, the fasteners versatile are both safe and light for the skiers who don't want to choose between uphill and downhill !


The fastening of hiking DYNAFIT ST RADICAL is addressed to all the beginners in ski touring. Thanks to its wedge-mounted rotary, it facilitates your every move. Very robust, it is ideal for ascents thanks to its minimal weight. As for the touring bindings DYNAFIT TLT SPEED RADICAL, they will be your best allies this winter. Recommended for skiers are regular, they are easily adjusted, and will take you to the top !

Very versatile, check out the touring bindings MARKER KINGPIN. Also performing on the ascent as on the descent, they offer incredible sensations with each and every work. Ensuring a transmission of the exceptional power, they adapt to each output, regardless of the snow conditions.

As for the MARKER ski bindings F10 TOUR, they have been designed for all the lovers of the downhill in powder snow. Very efficient, they are ideal to create its own trace in spaces of snow-capped pristine. Robust, they will follow you in all of your explorations !

For all freeride enthusiasts, choose ski bindings that guarantee maximum freedom of movement to reach the most ambitious summits. Whether it's alpine ski bindings or touring ski bindings, Precision Ski has selected for you the best brands specialising in outdoor equipment to offer you incredible skiing sensations.