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Women's ski poles are entirely part of a skier's equipment. Much more than an accessory, they allow for more balance and timing. So take the time to choose your sticks so that they participate fully in your good skiing practice.  Learn more


As with men, women's ski poles require pre-analysis to make your choice. Each stick has its own unique feature, so it must perfectly match your size, discipline and frequency of use. Precision Ski helps you make the right choice through its guide to choose your ski poles. 

In addition to the technical side, winter sports specialists offer Leki or K2 ski poles, knowing the importance of aesthetics for women. That's why brands offer women's ski poles, with girly designs that you can match to your ski outfit. 


This winter, stay feminine and sporty with the women's ski poles ROSSIGNOL STOVE BOX 30 PINK. Ergonomic and robust, they perfectly follow your every move while ensuring lightness and performance. Joining all terrain, they will accompany you both on the track and in powder. For all the demanding riders, check out the CLOUD W ATOMIC women's ski poles. At the must sober and elegant, they offer a good grip, as well as a lightness and resistance to any test. In addition, the META PINK BLACK CROWS women's ski poles provide you with an excellent grip on any type of snow. In addition, their grip grip is preformed to ensure an excellent grip. 

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