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It is important to choose your men's ski poles correctly according to your discipline, your level but also your size. Precision Ski helps you make the best choice by offering the biggest brands specializing in sliding sports.  Learn more


When you buy men's ski poles, build on their resistance. Choosing a light man ski stick doesn't necessarily mean it will be less resistant. We have selected our range from mountain sports specialists such as Head, Rossignol, Leki and Scott, who offer aluminum or carbon fibre ski poles, known for their strength. Want to buy new ski poles? Here are some tips to make sure you don't get it wrong. As with skis, sticks are chosen based on your size, practice and frequency of use. Once you've identified these 3 items, you can start making a first selection. Also pay attention to details such as pucks and straps depending on your discipline. For freeride, for example, wide pucks will allow you to stay on the surface and sink less easily into the snow.  For more precision, go to our guide to choose your ski poles. 


The FREERIDE PRO SAFETY ROSSIGNOL men's ski poles have been designed for all powder buffs. Both durable and lightweight, they adapt perfectly to the terrain thanks to their steel tip. Take on the snowy slopes and make your own tracks for unique sliding experiences. As for the KÄSTLE ski poles, they are 100% carbon to bring all the lightness you need. Following your movements perfectly, they have pucks for the track and freeride to follow you on any type of terrain. The S/LAB SALOMON men's ski poles perform very well. Ultra-robust, they will accompany you in the most extreme situations thanks to their carbon tube and their shock absorption. So you get great sliding comfort for your outings this winter. Finally, the TRIAD ARMADA men's ski poles are both solid and stylish. Offering good shock resistance, they will accompany you both on the track and backcountry.